Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BEDIM 9 - Drawing Abilities

Once upon a time, in a distant land, I endeavored to make a book of left-handed drawings and doodles and some words, and believe it or not, I actually filled the blank composition book full! I did this for a friend, to whom I did give the book, but things changed and we grew apart. Since then, by a stroke of luck, I got the book back and I will never let it go again!
Since that time I've started other books too - none were so complete or fun, but I still doodle and stuff. I'm by no means a talented artist, and I have a sort of strange style. When it comes to "drawing abilities," I don't really have much, but I still like to put pen or crayon to paper, and I usually do it left-handed so it looks like a first grader drew it. Provided for your viewing are a few "drawings" I made...
I love the artist Edward Gorey and tried to copy some of his stuff into a book I started, and here is a picture:

 This was just a doodle, nothing significant:

I also love calligraphy, but I'm really slow. Things like this take me a while, but I think they look pretty nice:

 This is an envelope that I made for a letter I wrote, and turned out really cool, I thought.

Not everything is black and dark though - this is the album art I made for a friends birthday mix I made:

And here are some parts of the original book I mentioned (sorry for the poor quality, I took these with a crappy camera like 5 years ago):
"If you even get close to me I'll bite your little fingers off."

Maybe someday I'll photocopy my drawings and bind them in a book of my own to keep forever and scare my future kids with. It could be fun!

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