Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BEDIM 16 - Halfway There!

My month of blogging is halfway finished! It's probably a good thing, too, since I have been struggling to come up with stuff to write about as of late. Despite my asking, no one has offered any suggestions or topics for me to ramble on about (and there HAVE been page views, you lurkers!), so I guess I'll continue to ramble on about whatever comes to mind...

Random Topic, here I come!
"History or Math?"
Okay, so I'm thinking that the topic is asking about which I prefer and why. (What else could it mean?)
If that is the case, I completely choose history.
I never "got" math - every day in school it was a struggle after about 6th grade. I can't say that I loved history either, but now I think history is fascinating and important and enlightening - it's about people and consequences.... Math can be done on a calculator.
I think that it's great that some people really have a knack for math and numbers: my youngest brother did very well in his math classes, and my dad always knew all the things I needed help with when I was in school, and that's really great and amazing that some people can do that. I'm just not one of them.
With Wikipedia and other online sources, I occasionally get sucked into studying about various historical things. The links throughout articles turn into tabs across my browser waiting to be read.
One example of this is when I saw a book called "The Devil in the White City," about the Chicago World's Fair, in the non-fiction section and thought it looked interesting enough to look into later online. Turns out that the Chicago World's Fair of 1893 has one of the juiciest and psycho serial killer stories intertwined with it. It was way more interesting than the quadratic formula.
The password to Satan's gmail account
If on the small chance any of my history teachers are reading this and think, "That kid was a total screw off in my class," I must say that you are right. In school I didn't much care about history. I was more worried about impending doom awaiting me down the hall in the form of a trig test, or if my parents had checked Power School that day, or if my trees in Animal Crossing had any fruit yet. That was then. Now, I find history so amazing! I guess it just took a bit of growing up to realize it.

For me, History is the clear winner when compared to math.

And I still hate Power School. Kill it with fire.

P.S. For those who don't know, Power School allows parents to check their kids' grades online whenever they want. This is usually how the process went for me, as portrayed by Drew Barrymore:
"Hello? Oh, hi Dad, how is work?"
" checked Power School?"


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