Sunday, May 27, 2012

BEDIM 27 - Yongin Traditional Village

About two months ago, I went to a Yongin Traditional Village, which was build to replicate the old-time villages in Korea and to teach about Korean heritage. It was a little cold that day, but I had lots of fun. There was also an amusement park section. Those traditional villages had it all!
There were a few tall rocks and some trees with rope tied to them for you to write down a wish and then tie the paper to the rope. There were thousands of wishes, it looked really amazing.

There must have been many gateways in the days of yore if this village taught me anything.

"In the past, parents used to send their children to their neighbors after putting a winnowing basket on their heads to correct their habbit of wetting the bed."
What?! How would public humiliation correct bed wetting? 

I bet that most people didn't smile when they had to carry this thing.

This was a game in which people try to land a dowel vertically into a series of rings. It was more fun to watch that to play.

This picture doesn't show how truly colorful this was, but it was pretty amazing.

Here is a detail of the gate thing from the previous picture.

What traditional village would be complete without THE VIKING?!?
We went on this SO many times (as you can see, it was not crowded).

This little boy sat by me on this ride, and then sat by me or my friends for maybe 5 other rides (his mom didn't want to go on the rides). He was so cute! Also, as you can see, I taught him the roller coaster pose of my people! One of my proudest achievements!

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