Monday, May 7, 2012

BEDIM 7 - I Love Technology

There is something about breaking out a fun old game among friends and playing it till you're mad at everyone. That is why I hate playing Monopoly. That, and that it takes FOREVER to finish.
So instead I like to play games that are easy to pick up and are just as fun to watch as they are to play. Just such a game is Mario Kart 64.
Because of marvelous technologies, a bunch of friends and I were able to hook a laptop to a flat-screen TV and play Mario Kart 64 with Xbox 360 controllers (I'm sure someone is rolling in their grave) for an evening of fun like I've not had in ages.
Battle mode is the perfect chance to get to know your friends: will they take advantage of you when you are vulnerable? Turns out I think they always will. At least in Mario Kart a bunch of friends can still be friends after it's all done.
(The stare-down. Only one will make it out alive.)

And yet again I write about something Nintendo...I swear in real life it's not a regular topic in discussion.

Another great techno-thingy is my iPod touch. The first one I ever saw was in the car-ride home from the airport when I returned from my LDS mission. I thought it was cool, but since then I caved and bought one after my little brother did. 
I've been able to use my iPod - my music player - to call people all over the world, check and write email, take pictures, surf the Internet, play games...It's the best little gadget I've ever had, and it's coming on 2 years old now. I've not caved into a smart phone yet, and I think that's in part to my iPod doing all the stuff I want it to. 

A couple years ago I got a digital piano, and my brother promptly got a headphone adapter for me to use while playing, which made it fun for me and not-annoying for my family. 

I'm rambling. I love technology, but not as much as you, you see. Let me know what I should write about next!

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