Friday, May 4, 2012

BEDIM 4 - May the Fourth Be With You

Star Wars Day!
I was one of the kids born and raised in the years after the original Star Wars trilogy, so I don't really have any memory of the first time watching it. I was in Middle school when the prequel trilogy started to release (and therefore too young to yet realize how annoying Jar Jar was, to my everlasting shame), but no matter the love or hate people have for any particular Star Wars movie, I like them all.

Ok, so I'm going to use the random topics generator....and the topic is:
"A Movie Poster that has Affected You"

There is a cool trend/genre in art in which people make their own minimalist versions of movie posters, some of which are really amazing. (Fan art? Did I just admit I like it?) For this topic, the first movie poster that pops into my mind is this one:

I love it! I love how there is an hourglass(for time-travel), full moon (for the werewolf), and the line from MacBeth, which was used as lyrics to a song in the film, and the melody from the song being a significant motif throughout the film score. I feel like Prisoner of Azkaban was a big turning point in the film franchise, and I loved the creativity and darkness that wasn't in the previous films; I feel like this simple poster really captures the feel of the movie (at least for me).

Some of my very good friends worked for the movie theater in my hometown, and occasionally the theater would get rid of their extra posters by just giving them away, and I was able to pick up a few as well. True, the popular posters always vanished first, but I still got a few that looked cool, even if I hadn't seen the movies they were for. I got the full-sized, double-sided posters of Hellboy II, Terminator Salvation, Battle for Terra, Best Dad in the World, and maybe one or two more. As a fan of cinema, just having those few posters is kind of fun. I did use the "Best Dad" poster for a Fathers' Day surprise when I put a cut-out of my own dad's head on the poster and hung it up in the house. It was super lame, but it was fun to make and it saw the light of day for probably the only time in its existence.

So, dear readers(are there any?), has there ever been a movie poster that has affected you? Tell me all about it!

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