Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BEDIM 23 - Am I finished yet?

Lately I've come home from work, checked email, and fallen asleep before 7:30. I then wake up after 9 pm sometime wondering what time/day it is, then staying awake for hours afterwards.
Is this healthy? It's just a nap before bedtime, and honestly, I feel fine when it's time to actually wake up in the morning ("Fine" being no less grumpy and tired than usual).
I've become pretty good at getting ready really fast in the mornings, too. I did it in 15 minutes the other day, including a shower!
I think I'll never be one of those people that takes too long to get ready in the morning, thank goodness. I usually have a pretty good idea of the selection of clean clothes I have available to wear, and luckily at my job jeans are okay. That makes getting dressed quick and painless for me.
Today, though, I took longer than usual because I decided to fight with the part in my hair and comb my hair the other way. Amazingly it worked out okay and the hair in the back that usually sticks up like a middle finger at me all the time was somehow tamed in the process. People at work commented, too, wondering if I cut my hair or something. I seriously ONLY combed it to the other side.
Anyway, that is my boring life. Coming my hair and taking naps.
And checking my email way too often just hoping that something will be there. That's another issue though.

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