Monday, November 4, 2013

New Adventures!

I meant to write last Friday since stuff was still fresh, but I guess I got lazy and didn't feel like it. So I'm doing it now!

So, last week was Halloween. I went as Finn the Human. I say "I went" but that makes no sense. Let me better explain...

I fell in like with the show "Adventure Time" earlier this year, and I decided to be the main character for Halloween. My new friend Tawny was Princess Bubblegum from the same show and by total coincidence we met up and got our picture taken at a Halloween party.
Coincidentally, my momsie helped us both make parts of our costumes.
She was the best PB there! I made my own hat with my mom's help and my Golden Sword of Battle with my brother's help. I painted the sword and it looked pruddy gud, if I say so myself. I made it out of a 78 cent yard stake I found at the hardware store. My brother used a machine in my parent's garage to make the square angles more tapered and stuff. He did it because I would have cut off my fingers and then Halloween would suck and my sword would be useless.
Speaking of issues with fingers, a young guy came into my work place today and seemed to be missing a thumb. Not a big deal, I wouldn't even mention it here except for my co-worker noticed it and loudly asked with a chuckle if he was left or right handed. I felt embarrassed for the guy. That coworker says the most tactless stuff to people. I should create a secret blog called "Offensive Shiz my Coworker Says." (Lightning Edit: I just found that there are plenty of other websites dedicated to such a thing...I might just have to contribute.)

Moving on...

So, my Halloween was sorta weird. I was asked to represent my church ward in the Trunk-or-Treat think that the YSA wards were doing. I found out rather last minute, and so I didn't decorate my trunk at all. I still went with a fake smile and soon the smile became genuine. The guy who parked next to me was in the very same situation except he put the candy on his trunk and then talked on his phone the entire time. I mean, I didn't really want to do it at first either, but this guy did the BARE minimum.
After I ran out of candy I went indoors to the dance, but I'm super awkward at dances. I'm super awkward because I don't dance. It seemed that for the most part, other people don't either. There was lots of mild jumping and stuff during the fast songs, and lots of rocking back and forth during the slow songs. There was that one couple who were swing dancing like a destructive tornado that everyone steered clear of for their own safety, but that couple was the minority. I got tired of that scene and REALLY needed to go grocery shopping, so off to the store I went. In costume. I hate myself. Then I went to a Mexican place for food.
Later, on actual Halloween, I went to my parent's house and basically had candy duty. The night was pretty easy-going. My cousins were there and visited, and my brother and his baby came over too. The dogs never stopped barking. I wonder what they think they'll accomplish by barking. Nothing has come of it yet in the 7 or so years we've had them, except for us yelling at them to shut up.
Anyway, Halloween was fun and mellow.

On Friday the first, I had my very first day of substitute teaching! It was a success and I only punched one kid (he deserved it)! I taught Sign Language and Music to middle school kids. I definitely think that my teaching year in Korea prepared me for it. I was pretty calm and confident and I think that the kids didn't hate me. I don't think I was as energetic in my middle school classes, but then again, it WAS the day after Halloween, and every kid had a bag of candy with them.

Short story shorter: I officially started my second job as a substitute teacher and didn't suck at it. Yay me!

Friday night, after teaching, I met up with my friend Marty (hi Marty!) and his GF and we drove to Zion to see the movie Gravity in 3D in the IMAX theater. It was super cool. I really enjoyed my time. The best part (relatively speaking) was that the admission price was less that it would have been at the scuzzy theaters in my poor provincial town. The price for a movie is $8.50, plus $2.00 for 3D, on a regular sized silver screen. The Zion theater, which I had a dollar-off coupon for, came to a total of $9.00 for 3D on a screen bigger than you could shake a stick at.
It was an hour's drive to get there though... Oh well, it was a treat-yo-self kind of thing that I don't regret at all.

I swear there was something else I wanted to write about....

Um....Oh! My roommate told me about this other blog called and though I'd vaguely heard of it before, I finally started reading it. Holy jackalope, that girl is SO funny! If you want to read about her unnaturally crazy life and don't mind glossing over the occasional cuss words, you'll have a snorty good time.

I'll write another post when I think of something amazing to tell all you non-existent readers out there. Until then, happy Novemember!

It snowed and was really cold today. :(