Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Friends. I Like Them.

Monday was Independence Day here in the USA, and my poor provincial town had a parade in the morning that I did not go to.
Yesterday, I finally finished the DVD of the trip I made to Disneyland last May with some of my dearest friends. After hours of organizing photos and video clips, then setting them to appropriate music, I burned them all to DVD and watched it. I think I did a pretty darn good job, if I say so myself. Hopefully this weekend we'll have a get-together and watch the video. If it wasn't an hour long I would post it here and everyone could see how awesome and fun our vacation was.
Several times in my life I've felt the touch of destiny telling me that I belong in the happiest place on earth, so after my Korean adventure, I want to see about giving my destiny a big fat hug and follow my dream. We'll see how it works out. Stay tuned...
In other news, I went to the local gas station and bought nachos - the "do it yourself" cheese kind - and then ate the food back at home. That was the second time in probably 5 years that I got nachos from a store, and it was fun and tasty. I dedicated the meal to my dear friend Danessa, who is serving a mission for the LDS church, because her birthday is on Wednesday. One might wonder what nachos have to do with my friend, but once upon a time, probably a right about a year ago, she and I went to the very same gas station and got the same food, plus a hot dog so big they named it "Bahama mama." I learn a lesson, which was to never eat gas-station food if it's so large it has a nickname with the word "mama" in it.
I spent my Fourth with two good friends, and we lit sparklers and small fireworks. It was fun. I just wish that fireworks weren't so darn expensive. When my future kids whine about wanting me to buy them fireworks, I'm gonna tell them that we'll just go to the school parking lot (or wherever it turns out to be) and watch the fireworks that the dozens of other families bought. It will be free for me and fun for the kids.

Sheet Music!

Amazingly, someone on YouTube asked for the sheets to the duet I arranged a few weeks ago, so I've decided to post them here too. Feel free to print them off and try your hand at learning it! Just be sure to give credit where credit is due!
For the PDF file of this, click here. I can't get it to embed on this post, so Scribd.com has it for you.
Also, if there is a better way to post these, please let me know!