Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 points to Gryffindor! Brandon went on a date!

Okay, so I don't date much. I just haven't felt like it. To some people, like parents and church leaders, that's not a good thing. While I understand their concerns, I feel NO guilt about it. It's my life, and ah do wut ah want! (Just say that last sentence out loud if you don't get it.)
Anyway, I'm going to be moving in a week or so because I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!! I have a nice friend and she and I have been friends since high school. I rather suddenly decided a date would be fun before I leave town, so I asked her to dinner, and she accepted. How nice of her, right? We went to Pizza Factory (which all Utahns know about and we got their super good pasta and those fat bread sticks.
Anyway, it was fun and simple and totally not stressful. She even gave me a couple cinnamon rolls and cookies when I rook her home. I love cinnamon rolls! They are the Great Harvest kind that are HUGE and so good. It was just a fun night out.
So, you read that I got a new job, and I'm so excited for it! It's a library job in Utah County, and it's full-time and everything! I'm practically a grown-up now! I only have to find a place to live.... That part is not fun at all. I want my own room, and will not settle for anything else. I also want a room big enough to someday have a queen-sized bed so I can sleep in any sprawled way that I want. I also want my own place altogether, but that's a little bit too much money for now. There are several places near my workplace, but nothing is really standing out to me. If you know me personally, though I'm a psycho and an outgoing dork around friends, I like to keep to myself and be able to just go home after work and relax and not do anything if I like in my quiet apartment. With 5-6 other housemates, I have no idea what I could be getting into. I mean, I'm way out of college, in my upper-20s (shudder), and don't want to be a part of the college scene anymore, at all.
Like I said, I want a place of my own. Since that won't happen right away, I'm being pretty selective. Wish me luck.
Oh, and I AM a Gryffindor - Pottermore told me so.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


You guys, I'm seriously so good at making mix-tapes. I mean, they're actually CDs, but the term from 30 years ago is way better.
Here are the reasons why you should hope to someday receive a CD from me at least once in your life:
- I personalize EVERYTHING.
- I use Sharpies to decorate the CD and make it super awesome. I am a crappy drawing-artist, so I usually go for abstract shapes and lots of color and fancy writing.
- I pick each song carefully and the order in which the songs so is also a big deal.
- I choose songs that you already know and love, as well as a couple new songs that I think you would also like a lot. And I usually throw in a random funny track, just to keep things interesting
- I fill that CD up! I bet that 99% of all CDs I've ever made had more that 78 minutes of music. 
- You can be sure that there will be songs that mean something to our friendship too, so there is sentimental value.
- If you are really lucky, I sometimes even make a CD holder/case and decorate it too.

Because CDs aren't used much these days, I've even made a digital mix-tape on a flash drive and it was awesome too.
As a final point, I had like 36 hours notice a few months ago that I needed to provide the music for a wedding reception. I was a little unsure about it all, but I guess I was the only hope/last [minute] resort, so I acquiesced and got to it. I made sure that there was plenty of family-appropriate dance music from many genres and artists, and hoped for the best. Might I humbly say: it was so freakin' perfect! Every song was a good match and people were dancing the WHOLE time. I even got a direct compliment from the bride's uncle, which meant a lot to me. 
Maybe I should abandon all my responsibilities and goals and be a DJ for weddings or church dances and stuff. I could probably do just fine in that line of work. 
Anyway, If you happen to have a mix-tape from me, besides just loving the CD and stuff, know that I made it just for you because you are super cool!

(I should not blog at 2:30 am.)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

ALA - A Mecca for Librarians

What a whirlwind this week has been! It's only halfway over too!
I went to my happy cabin last weekend, but just before I went,  I found out I needed to be in Lehi, UT on Monday, so I prepared for that and made the trip up and back in one day. I did get to meet up with my friend and eat SUPER good Korean food, so it was worth the trip.
Then, Tuesday, before I got to work, my boss messaged me and asked if I'd like to go to the ALA (American Library Association) conference in his place on Thursday, since he had a family thing come up. I happily agreed, having absolutely no idea what I was really in for. I mean, I had gone to ULA back in April, and loved it, but ALA is HUGE! And the trip is 5 days long!
Anyway, we got the proper paperwork setup so I could go in his place, and then today (Thursday) I drove down with the library's assistant director to Las Vegas to get the party started. The drive was nice enough, until we got to Vegas; traffic is always crazy! We also got a little lost, but my co-worker's sense of direction is impeccable, and we found our way soon enough.
I'm staying at a nice inn, where there is a full kitchen and bathroom and living area....basically it's a full studio apartment. It even has a fireplace, because, you know, Vegas is...cold...?

After we arrived, we walked over to the convention center to register and I got my swag bag and name tag (rhyme!) and went back to my room...and bought a ticket to Cirque du Soleil's KA!
After I bought the ticket online, I rode the monorail (is the monorail new? I swear I didn't know it existed until today) to MGM Grand and got my actual ticket. Then I wandered around that place for like an hour and then went over to the New York, New York to waste time there.
And finally the time came!
So, I've seen "Worlds Away" and I love the soundtrack, but actually seeing Ka was phenomenal!
As you walk in, there is no stage, just a big dark pit with fire balls bursting up into the air sporadically, and the sides of the theater look like this:
It's mesmerizing. It like a sci-fi forest or something. It was really intricate and even was used by the actors to fly from and drop down into the audience and even to pound on drums. Oh, and they shot flaming arrows onto the stage from these catwalks. 
Then there was the stage itself:
The stage was that platform sticking straight up. It could move in any direction, and the action worked with that feature. It was an amazing thing.
The costumes, as in every Cirque show, were amazing. This one below had very long feathers that did float and dance around with every step. What I'm saying is, if it were mine, I'd never take it off.
 There was a storm scene, and the boat rocked and people fell off and down into the pit, and then when the boat sank, there was a really cool scene where there was a projection of waves rising (projected onto a silk screen or something) and then the actors were "swimming" through the air/water and bubbles were projected and rose from where the actors were. It was a pretty surreal scene, and visually dazzling.
 There were countless amazing parts, but one that stands out was this:
The actors were in and on those wheels and zooming all around, and once guy had a rope and was doing jump rope tricks while the contraption rotated around and around. I actually gasped (along with most the audience) when the jump-rope caught on the guy's food and he stumbled for just a moment. Seeing these kind of things live is a rush in itself!

So there you have it. 48 hours ago I would not have even guessed that I'd be here. I'm very much looking forward to the actual ALA conference, and who knows what else I'll do while I'm here!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New York City!

Ok, so I know it's been forever and ever since I last updated this blog. Every time I open up my Internet browser, one if my default tabs is blogger - I set it that way so I'd always be reminded to write, but lately it's been more of a guilt initializer. Not this time though!
Clear back in March I took a trip to New York City to visit a friend and have lots of fun, and rest assured, both goals were met! Besides the frigid cold, I did so much fun stuff that only the pictures of my bundled-up self remind me that it was cold. 
Since I'd been to the city before, I was less worried about seeing everything, and more into seeing new things and just enjoying my time. Here's the condensed version of my trip (with pictures!):
I took a red-eye from SLC to NYC and thus arrived at about 7 am, and my super awesome friend Caleb picked me up from the airport. We went to his place where I dropped off my stuff, and from there went to a breakfast diner to begin our super long day. We went to the ground zero memorial, which was nothing but construction the last time I was there. It wasn't too crowded, which was nice. 
After that we went back to the apartment to relax and chat. My friend and I met at our teaching job in Korea so there was plenty to catch up on. Our other friend Natasha (also met in Korea) lived in NYC and she came over and we had a great time catching up. It made me miss my Korea friends so much! To compensate, we went to Koreatown and ate a Korean dinner and topped it off with noraebang. I'd been awake for nearly 40 hours by the time we finished that so we called it a night and I slept deeply. 
The rest of my trip was a bit more leisurely. We got rush tickets for 'Chicago' and had pretty good seats. It was a fun play and different than how I imagined it would be. The orchestra was on risers on the stage. It had a really vaudeville feel to it. I liked it a lot. I also went to the Nintendo store, called Nintendo World. I want part of my ashes scattered there. There was a launch party for a new Yoshi game so they had games and prizes to win. I won a piece of gum. Caleb won a real prize and got a Yoshi keychain.
I went to lots of stores and spent time at the Rockefeller plaza, went to the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Brooklyn, which was the very most 'hipster' place I've ever EVER been (or seen or heard of) but there were some great bookstores!
I also went to the library, which I didn't do last time. It was astounding! I loved it so much! They had an exhibit on children's literature, and it was fantastic! There was also a section on banned books, and some of the reasons for the bannings were so stupid. For example, 'A Wrinkle in Time' was banned because 'it makes young people believe in the imaginary.' There was a tower of banned books, even!
My trip was 4 days and every bit of it was great. My friend even got me started on the show 'Attack on Titan' which I've since devoured and shared with more friends and family. 
I ate awesome huge pizza, Korean food, bubble tea, Chinese, and ice cream after just about every meal. 
The whole trip was so fun, I just love traveling and catching up with friends! Where should I go next?!?

Rockefeller Plaza:
Brooklyn Bridge:

Banned books tower:

THE Winnie the Pooh toys! Eyeore's tail was actually nailed on!

I am standing in the 'Goodnight Moon' room:

New York I love you!

A Gannondorf statue I really want:

Nintendo World is so great!

Pikachu, I choose you!

One World Trade Center. It's almost finished:


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Last month I went with my dad to California! He had meetings for work there, so I just bummed around during the day and explored Coronado on foot. It was nice to be somewhere warm in January!

Blurry pictures are the best! This is Downtown San Diego.

I was walking around and found this awesome house! I later found out that it's called the Baby Del.
I went on a tour of the Hotel Del Coronado while I was there, and it's a pretty magnificent building! I enjoyed walking through and learning about its history. I need to see "Some Like It Hot" and "Stuntman" since they both feature the hotel prominently.
Hotel Del Coronado!


Moi! And Point Loma! And the Ocean!
 There was a guy on the beach making a giant sand castle, as well as a random ad for Utah...?
Come See Utah!

Impressive sand castle!

After my dad's meetings, we would go do some other fun stuff. We went to the San Diego LDS Temple and I took a selfie. We also had Coldstone ice cream twice in two days. They were both my dad's idea, if you can believe it.
We also spent some time in Old Town. We went to the Mormon Battalion museum, which has been redone since I was there 11 years ago. We also went to eat at the Cafe Coyote, which was super good and I'd go there again for affordable SUPER tasty Mexican food. We also went to Seaport Village and ate Greek food, and walked down to the aircraft carrier and other ships. It was dark and a little bit scary at night, but we saw a rat scurry from a bush and across the sidewalk right in front of us, so it wasn't all that bad.
I also spent a good while in the Coronado Public Library. They are very well put-together! I talked with one of their reference librarians for a while too. A huge budget can make a HUGE difference!
I'm a Member!

 My trip was pretty fun, and I got to take a week off work for it. It was needed and I had a nice time. I can't wait for my next adventure (NYC, here I come)!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I got creative

For Christmas a couple months ago, I decided to make my super cute niece a doll for her gift. I didn't want it to be a girly stupid doll though, so I made a pattern and picked out fabric and buttons and made this double-sided beauty:
I hope that through the years it sticks around and that it will be one of those weird conversation starters when her friends come to play. 
I wanted to try my hand at making a similar monster doll with a tail (which would be a bit more complicated to construct) so I made this:
They take a while to make, especially since I sorta make up what I do as I go, but it's fun to make ugly things that can still warm your heart. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Barf Breath

Here's something that actually happened.
A few months ago, I was sitting on a little stool at work, shelving stuff on the bottom shelves (hence the stool I was seated upon). When lo! a lady came over and cornered me because she didn't want to tell the whole world her special secret. She told me the following story in hushed tones, mere inches from my face:
"Um, hi. Um, I'm not feeling well, and I threw up in the ladies room. I cleaned it up, but you might wanna go and mop or something. But I cleaned it up."
As she told me this, she exhaled right into my face. And because breathing is normal for all people (including myself), I unintentionally inhaled her literal barf breath. I wanted to retch right there, but I was on the clock and it would have drawn attention. It was disgusting. After the lady went back to the computer lab to spread her illness (because the library doesn't have enough malicious germs to make people sick), I went to the staff room to wash my hands in a crazed attempt to cleanse the virus that was surely nestling snugly in my lungs. I kept thinking, If I get sick from her haggish vomit breath, I'm gonna be SO PISSED! I was rather nervous for a week at every sniffle or sneeze I had, but in the end, my constant exposure to disgusting people for the last 5 years has strengthened my immune system sufficiently.
My initial distress over the matter was apparent, and I told a coworker what horrors had befallen me. She was a saint and went to check the women's restroom to assess the situation, but came back reporting that it was not clear wear the barf had landed. We left the cleaning duties to the janitors. I'm not ashamed.