Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Last month I went with my dad to California! He had meetings for work there, so I just bummed around during the day and explored Coronado on foot. It was nice to be somewhere warm in January!

Blurry pictures are the best! This is Downtown San Diego.

I was walking around and found this awesome house! I later found out that it's called the Baby Del.
I went on a tour of the Hotel Del Coronado while I was there, and it's a pretty magnificent building! I enjoyed walking through and learning about its history. I need to see "Some Like It Hot" and "Stuntman" since they both feature the hotel prominently.
Hotel Del Coronado!


Moi! And Point Loma! And the Ocean!
 There was a guy on the beach making a giant sand castle, as well as a random ad for Utah...?
Come See Utah!

Impressive sand castle!

After my dad's meetings, we would go do some other fun stuff. We went to the San Diego LDS Temple and I took a selfie. We also had Coldstone ice cream twice in two days. They were both my dad's idea, if you can believe it.
We also spent some time in Old Town. We went to the Mormon Battalion museum, which has been redone since I was there 11 years ago. We also went to eat at the Cafe Coyote, which was super good and I'd go there again for affordable SUPER tasty Mexican food. We also went to Seaport Village and ate Greek food, and walked down to the aircraft carrier and other ships. It was dark and a little bit scary at night, but we saw a rat scurry from a bush and across the sidewalk right in front of us, so it wasn't all that bad.
I also spent a good while in the Coronado Public Library. They are very well put-together! I talked with one of their reference librarians for a while too. A huge budget can make a HUGE difference!
I'm a Member!

 My trip was pretty fun, and I got to take a week off work for it. It was needed and I had a nice time. I can't wait for my next adventure (NYC, here I come)!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I got creative

For Christmas a couple months ago, I decided to make my super cute niece a doll for her gift. I didn't want it to be a girly stupid doll though, so I made a pattern and picked out fabric and buttons and made this double-sided beauty:
I hope that through the years it sticks around and that it will be one of those weird conversation starters when her friends come to play. 
I wanted to try my hand at making a similar monster doll with a tail (which would be a bit more complicated to construct) so I made this:
They take a while to make, especially since I sorta make up what I do as I go, but it's fun to make ugly things that can still warm your heart. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Barf Breath

Here's something that actually happened.
A few months ago, I was sitting on a little stool at work, shelving stuff on the bottom shelves (hence the stool I was seated upon). When lo! a lady came over and cornered me because she didn't want to tell the whole world her special secret. She told me the following story in hushed tones, mere inches from my face:
"Um, hi. Um, I'm not feeling well, and I threw up in the ladies room. I cleaned it up, but you might wanna go and mop or something. But I cleaned it up."
As she told me this, she exhaled right into my face. And because breathing is normal for all people (including myself), I unintentionally inhaled her literal barf breath. I wanted to retch right there, but I was on the clock and it would have drawn attention. It was disgusting. After the lady went back to the computer lab to spread her illness (because the library doesn't have enough malicious germs to make people sick), I went to the staff room to wash my hands in a crazed attempt to cleanse the virus that was surely nestling snugly in my lungs. I kept thinking, If I get sick from her haggish vomit breath, I'm gonna be SO PISSED! I was rather nervous for a week at every sniffle or sneeze I had, but in the end, my constant exposure to disgusting people for the last 5 years has strengthened my immune system sufficiently.
My initial distress over the matter was apparent, and I told a coworker what horrors had befallen me. She was a saint and went to check the women's restroom to assess the situation, but came back reporting that it was not clear wear the barf had landed. We left the cleaning duties to the janitors. I'm not ashamed.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh Yeah, I Have a Blog!

I can't even remember what I wrote about last. Or when it was. That's because I've not written anything in months and months...
So, to catch you ghost readers up on all the stuff that's happened (which isn't much) I'm gonna write in this some more! Hold on to your butts.
Since no one reads this, I can probably write about my feelings and whatever without fear of anyone asking me about it later. So, I'm going to vent a tad about birthdays.
I'm not trying to promote my birthday, and I'm not telling when it is just to prove it, but I sorta like my birthday. I don't care about any of the "another year older and wiser too" stuff, but I think that when it's someone's birthday, they should feel happy and just a little bit extra special and awesome.
The reason I'm writing this is because I try to acknowledge the birthdays of my family and friends with thoughtful, if simple, gifts. AND I don't need facebook to remind me. The thing that bugs me is kind of selfish though: no one ever reciprocates! And a "Happy Birthday" facebook message doesn't cut it - in my opinion - if it's from close friends (I mean, I guess it could if it was more than 2 or 3 words...). I guess what my dilemma here is this: I don't feel like trying to be awesome and thoughtful for other people's birthdays when I don't get any of that back, y'know?
To be even MORE whiny, this year, I'm going to be out of state on my birthday because I'm going with my dad on his business trip, which hopefully will be lots of fun, but if I even make a comment of something I'd like to do for my birthday (literally, I mentioned going out to eat), I get the response, "But you're going to California for your birthday." I'm NOT going FOR my birthday, it just coincidentally takes place over my birthday.
Jeez, people, It's my party and I'll want to have fun if I want to!
It comes down to this: everyone should be treated a little extra special on their birthday, including me. Is that so wrong?
Other than that bit of first-world problems, I'm pretty good. My Christmas was nice and easygoing. Since I'm not in school anymore, the "winter break" wasn't any different than usual.
Man, I'm really going to have to rack my brain for stuff to write about because I can't remember anything right now. Oh, I DID watch the movie "Cirque du Soliel: Worlds Away" and thought it was spectacular. I recommend it to anyone who will never make it to a live show because of the ticket price.
In an upcoming post, I'll include some pictures of stuff I've made lately.

Monday, November 4, 2013

New Adventures!

I meant to write last Friday since stuff was still fresh, but I guess I got lazy and didn't feel like it. So I'm doing it now!

So, last week was Halloween. I went as Finn the Human. I say "I went" but that makes no sense. Let me better explain...

I fell in like with the show "Adventure Time" earlier this year, and I decided to be the main character for Halloween. My new friend Tawny was Princess Bubblegum from the same show and by total coincidence we met up and got our picture taken at a Halloween party.
Coincidentally, my momsie helped us both make parts of our costumes.
She was the best PB there! I made my own hat with my mom's help and my Golden Sword of Battle with my brother's help. I painted the sword and it looked pruddy gud, if I say so myself. I made it out of a 78 cent yard stake I found at the hardware store. My brother used a machine in my parent's garage to make the square angles more tapered and stuff. He did it because I would have cut off my fingers and then Halloween would suck and my sword would be useless.
Speaking of issues with fingers, a young guy came into my work place today and seemed to be missing a thumb. Not a big deal, I wouldn't even mention it here except for my co-worker noticed it and loudly asked with a chuckle if he was left or right handed. I felt embarrassed for the guy. That coworker says the most tactless stuff to people. I should create a secret blog called "Offensive Shiz my Coworker Says." (Lightning Edit: I just found that there are plenty of other websites dedicated to such a thing...I might just have to contribute.)

Moving on...

So, my Halloween was sorta weird. I was asked to represent my church ward in the Trunk-or-Treat think that the YSA wards were doing. I found out rather last minute, and so I didn't decorate my trunk at all. I still went with a fake smile and soon the smile became genuine. The guy who parked next to me was in the very same situation except he put the candy on his trunk and then talked on his phone the entire time. I mean, I didn't really want to do it at first either, but this guy did the BARE minimum.
After I ran out of candy I went indoors to the dance, but I'm super awkward at dances. I'm super awkward because I don't dance. It seemed that for the most part, other people don't either. There was lots of mild jumping and stuff during the fast songs, and lots of rocking back and forth during the slow songs. There was that one couple who were swing dancing like a destructive tornado that everyone steered clear of for their own safety, but that couple was the minority. I got tired of that scene and REALLY needed to go grocery shopping, so off to the store I went. In costume. I hate myself. Then I went to a Mexican place for food.
Later, on actual Halloween, I went to my parent's house and basically had candy duty. The night was pretty easy-going. My cousins were there and visited, and my brother and his baby came over too. The dogs never stopped barking. I wonder what they think they'll accomplish by barking. Nothing has come of it yet in the 7 or so years we've had them, except for us yelling at them to shut up.
Anyway, Halloween was fun and mellow.

On Friday the first, I had my very first day of substitute teaching! It was a success and I only punched one kid (he deserved it)! I taught Sign Language and Music to middle school kids. I definitely think that my teaching year in Korea prepared me for it. I was pretty calm and confident and I think that the kids didn't hate me. I don't think I was as energetic in my middle school classes, but then again, it WAS the day after Halloween, and every kid had a bag of candy with them.

Short story shorter: I officially started my second job as a substitute teacher and didn't suck at it. Yay me!

Friday night, after teaching, I met up with my friend Marty (hi Marty!) and his GF and we drove to Zion to see the movie Gravity in 3D in the IMAX theater. It was super cool. I really enjoyed my time. The best part (relatively speaking) was that the admission price was less that it would have been at the scuzzy theaters in my poor provincial town. The price for a movie is $8.50, plus $2.00 for 3D, on a regular sized silver screen. The Zion theater, which I had a dollar-off coupon for, came to a total of $9.00 for 3D on a screen bigger than you could shake a stick at.
It was an hour's drive to get there though... Oh well, it was a treat-yo-self kind of thing that I don't regret at all.

I swear there was something else I wanted to write about....

Um....Oh! My roommate told me about this other blog called and though I'd vaguely heard of it before, I finally started reading it. Holy jackalope, that girl is SO funny! If you want to read about her unnaturally crazy life and don't mind glossing over the occasional cuss words, you'll have a snorty good time.

I'll write another post when I think of something amazing to tell all you non-existent readers out there. Until then, happy Novemember!

It snowed and was really cold today. :(

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Farewell Piano Recital

Today was a day that I dreaded for the last month: I was the closing performance in a piano recital.
Like any day that we dread, the day came right on schedule and the recital went as planned.
I've been freaking out with stress and nerves about it. Every time I tried playing it through I made some huge mistake and worried that I'd never be ready in time for the recital.
Well, I'm back from the recital and I played last, and lo! I did...okay. I don't even feel bad about the mistakes I made (of which there were several), because everyone there was only there to have fun. I don't think anybody played perfectly, but it didn't bother me at all, and I'm sure that my mistakes won't bother them either. My dad recorded my performance, so I can relive those shaky, sweaty, knee jiggling 2.5 minutes for years to come if I choose.
No matter how I feel I did, I got compliments for my performance, and that meant a lot. My teacher told me I did great, and someone I didn't know said I gave a "rousing finale". Some people even recognized my costume! I was Finn the Human from Adventure Time; I had the Golden Sword of Battle and everything.
Next week will be my last piano lesson because I have a second job now...(drum roll)... I'm a substitute teacher! The extra money will be nice and I will eventually treat myself with the new Pokemon X/Y game. Haters back off!

Saturday, October 12, 2013


My past week has been full of Dracula-related stuff. I finished the book by Stoker, had book club on Drac, went to a play, and drank blood to see what all the fuss was about.
First of all, I finished the book and thought it was pretty good. It was a little slow at times, but the plot was cool and the final scene was dramatic and exciting. It was also pretty long. If it were written today I bet an editor would have cut it down 75 pages or so. 
Anyway, I read it because I had to lead the discussion for book club at the library. I was totally unsure on how many people would be there, so I made lots of cake pops in case there were lots of people. I'm glad I made a practice batch a month ago because these were much easier this time. 

I went the extra-extra mile and added frosting flames and handles so they looked more like cauldrons. They turned out so great!
In addition to the treats, I made a poster and bookmarks to advertise the event. They also were awesome!
The bookmarks were little coffins! Cutting them out was a pain, but they looked way good. For the poster, I embossed with gold the black paper, and had letters from the story around the edge. I even sealed them with wax. I used a picture by Edward Gorey from his own 'Dracula' that I thought was perfect. 
Then last night I went to a production of Dracula at the Parowan theater with my friend. The play was fun, even if a LOT was changed from the original story. The guy who played Dracula himself was effectively creepy, and his accent was on the mark. The guy who played Renfield is a friend of mine, and he was good too. 
(I made this advert too, hoping it would help out the book club. I don't think it did...)
I'm in the October mood now and watching scary movies and reading ghost stories. Today I worked on my sword for my costume, and it's looking good so far! I still have to sand and paint it, but my Halloween costume is turning out nicely... I'll post a picture when I'm all done!