Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Author Unknown

Today at work, my coworker was going through our YA collection tidying up and pulling out all the random papers and bookmarks that people leave behind. Amid this garbage, was THE MOST AMAZING THING. Someone had written the beginning of a thrilling story on lined paper, in pink pen, no less.
And here I present, verbatim, a story by an author unknown, found stuffed in a random YA novel:

I hurry and stuff my clothes in my bag - my makeup - my phone - and my wod of money. I quietly open my window - I kick the screen down off with my foot - I throw the bag down - it hits the floor - I hurry and close the window behind me - I slide down the roof - trying no to make to much noise. At the bottom (edge) of the roof - I carefully place my feet on the top of the car. I jump of the car on to the floor. I grab my bag and book it down the street - running strait to "Caseys" - my boyfriends house. I hear someone calling my name - my dad... I hear it over my heavy breathing. If I get caught... my dad will hurt me again. I start running faster and faster - my breathing is shaky - I'm not going back.
About 15 minutes of running - turning- and climbing, I reach "Caseys house. Its a good think I practice running or I would'nt've made it 15 minutes - [illegible] for a normal run.
I throw a rock at his window. I see the light turn on. I start walking around as I wait for him. I see the window open - and a bag fly out - then I see a rope fall. I see him slide down - grad the bag - then my hand and starts to run - its a good thing he does football or we wouldn't make it.
I hear syrins - cops - I start runing faster.
We run to "Joeys" house - I throw a rock - I see her book it out of the houses front door with a bag in hand.
We ran to "Jays" - he's waiting in a car at the church 3 miles from my house. We hurry - put our bags in - then hurry in. "Joey" sits in the back next to Jay, and I sit in the front with Casey.
One more stop - then to Vegas.
We drive for 5 minutes - turn - and stop at "Taylors" house - him and his boyfriend are waiting at the sidewalk. They sit in the trunk - very back of the car. We start to drive on the freeway.
"You think we can make it?!" Jay yells over the roar of the car.
"Hell yeah!" I say yelling back - then turning on the radio full blast.
"Octavia! We;ve got company!" Casey yells at me - turning the radio off. - cops -
I look back and say "nows the time to use your smarts Joey! and Jay! make this car go faster!" I say as I shape-
And there you have it. a cliffhanger that will never be resolved! The drama! Where will they end up? What awkward punctuation will we see next? WHO'S DRIVING THE CAR?
We'll never know, but I hope that the author reaches heights untold in their writing career.
Thank you and good night.

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