Sunday, June 26, 2016

Two Things That Will Make Me Happy

I have been SO very fortunate (hashtag blessed) with good roommates all of my adult life. I'm especially fortunate in my current situation - I basically needed a place to live ASAP when I got my job, and a friend of mine from my Korean days knew someone who might have an empty room in their house in the area I needed....and that's what happened. I drove from my poor provincial town to the big city to check out the place, meet the landlord, and and within 3 days I was sleeping in a new room. (I may have blogged about it before, but I have been absent for more than a year and I can't be bothered to dig through old posts when the rare mood to write strikes.)
Where was I going with this...
So, while everything is really good with my house and roommates, there are two things that could make me that much happier. Those things are: a big bed and and extra room.
Now, I'm a pretty average sized human, but I like sleeping in luxury, and I feel like a big bed would really help out in that regard. The thing is, the small bed I'm using was generously provided with my room when I moved in, and I am so grateful for it. Since it was provided for me, I feel like I want to take advantage of it, and not worry about the expense and labor of getting a new big bed at this time. Also, I don't really have the room to make it work right now. I have the floor space, but not the wall space.
Which leads me to my second thing, another room.
I have kind of a lot of things. Maybe more furniture than a regular single guy in one room normally has... the bigger things are a packed bookcase, a desk, bed, dresser, and a piano. I love all these things, but they do take up a lot of room. I think it would be wonderful to have my bedroom be a place to sleep, and have another room for all my fun stuff.
This post is a disaster, I'm realizing. I'm not under the influence of anything, and I am completely aware of how "first world" these wishes are. But do I let this blog die or not? Maybe next time I'll have something decent to write about. Until then...

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