Sunday, May 20, 2012

BEDIM 20 - Movies with Friends

Times are changing! At least, for me they are. In the last few months, many of my friends from work and church have finished their time in Korea and have moved on to other things. I can't blame them, though, as I'll be doing the same thing in two months.
Even still, it's kinda weird to see so much change in a short time.

A random topic for today: "Going to the Movies with Friends"
In my whole life, I've only gone to a movie alone one time. Every other time I've always had a friend or family member with me. I like movies, and I always like to discuss them and stuff when it ends and we're all heading back home. It's a fun thing to do every now and again.
But a few years ago I had plans to go to a movie with two other friends. We made plans to go the next day to the matinee showing of Inception. The next day came and I could not reach my friends. I was kinda bummed and maybe a little pissed, but I decided to go to the movie anyway.I drove to the theater alone, bought one ticket, and went in to find my seat. It was weird and I felt like everyone was wondering what kind of lonely guy can't even find a friend to go to the movies with. Anyway, the movie started and I kept having little thoughts about what the twist would be and what I thought might happen, or there may have been a mumbled line that I would have asked my friend about, but none of that mattered because I was there alone.
Then the movie ended and I walked back out to my car and drove home and thought about the movie and talked about it to no one.
And it was one of the best movie theater experiences I've had! Sure, my friends were flakes and that sucked, but seeing a movie on my own let me be completely "in the movie" the whole time.
There are some movies that I would love to go to with friends (usually the kind with big midnight openings), but that one time I went alone taught me that sometimes being alone for fun things can still be good.
Eating at restaurants alone, though, now that's something I never want to do alone.
Can you hear his tears hitting his plate? Loud as thunder...


  1. I'm very selective as to with whom I will go see a movie. I don't want to be there with someone who is going to ask me questions the entire time or keep a conversation going.

    Restaurants on my own? Totally cool. I take a book and have a ball.

  2. Adam, I guess if I had a book to read then I'd be fine alone at a restaurant. Also, as long as I possibly had a bunch of important-looking papers and a smart phone on the table too, I'd look like I was a successful and busy professional guy on lunch break.