Sunday, May 13, 2012

BEDIM 13 - My Mom Rocks!

Remember when I wrote about being asked to play with a fake iPad and be photographed? Well, today my friend said he saw me in a commercial while waiting for the subway! I don't know what it was advertising, and I'll never be recognized for the star that I am, but it's still fun to know that the random photo shoot went somewhere.

In other news, it's Mother's Day! I love my mom because she is nice and amazing and makes good food (and cookies) and tells me she loves me. What else could I want? My mom quilts and is very crafty, and I'm sure I got some of those traits of my own directly from her.

If I were home this Mother's Day, I would have done something fun or special for my mom, but I'm halfway around the world and I'm afraid a phone call will have to do. Be sure to call your own mom today too!

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