Thursday, May 3, 2012

BEDIM 3 - TV Shows and Woes

Back in college, must've been the Fall semester of 2009, I started watching a fun little show on TV called "Glee." I liked it because it was funny and subtle and they used music to tell parts of the plot and develop story lines.
Then it got even more mega popular and it seemed to changed. Now I watch the show because I usually like the music (which doesn't have as much to do with the plot besides the lyrics fitting someone's mood), but hardly care at all about any of the characters. A couple weeks ago, an episode ended with a big cliffhanger when a character was smashed into while driving. During the moments after the screen went black, I was thinking to myself, "I hope she died, I hope she died," and not because I hated the character, but because I was hoping that it would force the show to change things up, to have a different direction for a bit, instead of what seems to have been preachy episodes one after another.
Turned out the character lived. Why can't I just stop watching the show?

Lucky for me - and the whole world - there is another show that is so much more fun and enjoyable, called "Parks and Recreation." Parks and Rec is the happiest show on TV and I have loved it since my best friend introduced me to it a couple years ago. If I have a long or bad day at work, I can watch an episode and feel better afterward. Isn't great that at TV show can do that? If there are other shows that are positive and funny and lovable, I want to know about them!

I just had the thought that instead of blogging every day, exercising every day would probably do me better...

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