Monday, May 21, 2012

BEDIM 21 - Chess!

The students at English Village today were mostly really fun. They apparently had a field trip somewhere else get cancelled, so they came here instead. Because of that, we've been told to just make it fun for them while they're here.
Yay! No studying!
So, for a class today, we played chess! There were many boards and sets, so there was plenty to go around. Some kids got so into it! I even played a few rounds and shockingly won each of the three times! The craziest game lasted literally 4 or 5 moves. I took a photo of it as proof:

(Check back in half a day when I'll have wifi to post it.)

Because the kid I played was a really good sport (and was too funny under stress), I gave him a few bonus stickers in his little "passport" that they get at EV.

To you readers who like reading mega-long posts, sorry to disappoint, but I'm super tired and going to call it a night. What should I write about tomorrow?

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