Thursday, May 10, 2012

BEDIM 10 - Three Peaks

Near my home there is a part of the desert called Three Peaks. There are hills of sandstone and dirt, but it doesn't have three distinct peaks, so I really don't know how it got its name. Perhaps one of the peaks is the one locals call "Jello Rock" which is also ridiculously named.
Ignoring the name, Jello Rock is a fun place to play. There are rock crawls every year on the sandstone boulders and campers there anytime the weather is warm. My brother and my friend and I went camping there a few summers ago on a night when a meteor shower was due, so we climbed up the to the peak with camp chairs and without a flashlight (and I do mean climbed - it was steep, and really dark too) and my friend somehow did it in flip-flops because she forgot to bring real shoes. Anyway, we made it to the top and had a wonderful time talking and enjoying the amazing meteor show for a while before heading back down the mini-mountain to our camp.

But not before snapping a picture of the show!

Another time, the same friend and I went out to Three Peaks to let her dog run around and be free while we chased after trying to get it back. Again, it was night this time and we somehow totally got lost among the millions of juniper trees. 
So treacherous! 
After half-joking about never finding the car and having to walk miles back home, we finally found our ride and the dog and came back home unscathed. 

During the writing of this post, I searched online for some pictures of the places I mentioned, but sadly couldn't find any. I did find a bunch of my hometown that look like I'm from a deserted prairie with nothing even in the distance to look at. When I am back home I'll see if I can rectify this by posting some pictures that show that there are, in fact, mountains on the distant horizon and therefore something to look at in the distance besides cows and ranch-style houses with no greenery to speak of.

There's no place like home!

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