Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BEDIM 29 - Ice Cream!

As a kid, I never ever got ice cream from the freezer section of gas stations or the ice cream truck or anything. We always had some bucket of ice cream in the freezer at home, so I never really felt like I wanted or needed to by a single serving ice cream treat. Also, they were usually too expensive.
But then I came to Korea.
Ice cream bars and treats are so cheap here! I think that I've got ice cream after every time I've been out with friends after eating. It's not just me, either - everybody gets ice cream here! Every store has a massive ice cream freezer and a huge selection.
My current favorite is the milkshakes in a CapriSun type pouch. I could eat them all day (today I pretty much did). It's also tradition here where I work that you get ice cream after eating kimbap. It's just assumed that on your walk back from the kimbap place you will stop at one of the shops along the way and get ice cream. The portions are just right and take the spicy out of your mouth.
I think that I'll try to continue the tradition of ice cream after meals when I'm back in the States, but I'll also have to get plenty of exercise to keep myself from turning into a blob. If I do turn into a blob, I imagine that I'd look a lot like the Stay-Puft guy - complete with a smile.

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