Tuesday, May 22, 2012

BEDIM 22 - Gas Station Food

When I lived in the States, there was a gas station not too far from my house. It was part of a chain, but this one station was pretty new. Filling up my car was never that fun, but I loved making unscheduled trips there to get frozen yogurt or nachos or hot chocolate.
One time, My BFF and I went to the gas station to to get something I thought I'd never ever do: buy a hotdog. Not just any old regular hotdog either. The Bahama Mama.
I don't know what possessed us to do it. The rolls of meat were slowly spinning in the plastic cage under the heat lamp and somehow convinced us to each buy one.
To make that story short, we ate the Bahama-Mamas and felt like dying afterward. I don't think I'll ever (and I MEAN it this time) get gas station hotdogs again, no matter how delicious the nachos or frozen yogurt or hot chocolate are.
I found this picture when I googled "Bahama Mama" and it about sums it up.

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