Saturday, May 12, 2012

BEDIM 12 - My First Bus Ride

This is a true story from my first day of school.
When I was started kindergarten, my mom drove me to school on the first day and as far as I recall, I had a fun day. There was even a girl in my class that became one of my best friends all throughout growing up. When the half-day of school came to a close, it was time to go home, and I was to take the bus. I walked with my class to the bus lane, where two buses waited to take all the kindergarten kids home. Well, I didn't know which bus to get on - no one had told me that there'd be two.
I don't have any idea what made me do what I did, but I chose to get on the first bus in the line, probably thinking that it was closer and I wouldn't have to walk 20 more steps to get on the other one.
Amazingly, my totally random choice landed me on the right bus and I got home safe and sound.
I sometimes remember this story and wonder how my day would have been different had I got on the other bus...The school district couldn't have been too huge, and I'm sure I knew my phone number, but I would have been a lost little boy if I'd chosen the other bus. I'm sure I would have been crying too, and the whole ordeal would probably have made me detest going to school long before my dreaded 4th grade year of misery.
So, my first ever bus ride was a lucky success. That whole school year of riding the bus home was great because the driver gave us candy when we got off the bus to walk home. To a kid like me, that was pretty dang cool.

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