Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BEDIM 15 - Boy Band!

At work today, just before we were to go pick up our students, one of the head teachers showed us a music video from a new-ish(?) boy band called Taken. We were all wondering what in the world was going on, but when the video finished, we were told that the group would be in English Village for a photo shoot (supposedly for their album art), and that we would need to keep our students in check.
Well, as it turned out, they did indeed take pictures all afternoon and danced in sync and dressed like Korean pop stars and the students were enthralled even though they had NO idea who this band was. I heard the girls gasping and swooning and saying "boy band!" and being completely annoying, bless their hearts. I tried telling my class that the band was Taken, and they replied, "Chicken?" and still didn't care.
On my way home after clock-out, the group was still taking pictures, and it was when some underling was tying a guy's shoe for him that I decided I needed to snap a picture of this ridiculousness.
Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get the shoe-tying (she stood up just as I snapped the picture), but here are the pictures I did get:
"Did you double-knot it this time?"

Looks like I'll need white pants and a pastel tee to make is big here after all...

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here is the music video that was shown to us at work:
As far as K-pop goes, this is pretty lame, and has every K-pop video cliche evarrrr: weird asymmetrical hair styles, long dance numbers, random English phrases, perceived badassery, and a chorus that will haunt you for days. For the record, I do not like this song or video. I think most of my co-workers didn't like it either, and some of them are pretty avid k-pop-cultured people.
My friend next to me said with mock sentimentality, "Aw, look how young they are! Just starting to wear makeup."
So there it is, perhaps the next big thing for Korean kids to dance to at talent shows.
Even though I might be getting too old to follow this stuff, it's still fun to see and and enjoy (and be fiercely sarcastic toward).

Here is a random picture I took 2 weeks ago of North Korea. Have a nice day!
North Korea is the land on the horizon on the other side of the river.

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