Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sept. 8th, Waking Up Early

I am not a morning person. I hate waking up so much that even when a nice breakfast is made that I still want to just stay in bed.
One way to surely make me an angry bear is to urgently or rudely wake me up. Someday when I have kids, I fear that they will be terrified of me in the morning. I've growled before at people in my waking stages because I was too sleepy/incoherent to say words to them to leave me alone.

On principle, I never set any alarm before 7 am, because up until then, it's still night.
Well, today I actually did have to wake up earlier than usual, since I had to be in my seat at a special event by 7:40, so my first alarm went off in the 6th hour - also known as the butt-crack of dawn - and I got up and ready and was in my seat on time.
The meeting was really good (it was a church one) and I feel like it was worth getting up so early to go. I might need a few days of recovery though....
I'm not usually one to go to bed early, which makes mornings hard.... I can remember getting in trouble typically on a nightly basis for playing after I was told to go to bed throughout my childhood. My brother and I shared a room, and I don't recall him really ever getting in trouble, even though I certainly wasn't playing only on my own.
I remember one particular threat in which my parents told us that our feet had better not touch the floor the rest of the night.

Introducing: Hot Lava! The game played by kids everywhere can now be played after bedtime! All you need is furniture and to the ability to jump and laugh quietly!
So, because I've always been one to stay up late playing or reading or finding shapes in the textured ceiling, I've never really been ready to wake up when I ought to.
When I was in 4th grade (a year of my life I'm surprised I made it through) I took class violin lessons EVERY DAY BEFORE SCHOOL. I'm surprised my parents insisted that I keep going rather than sleep in a bit themselves. Waking up super early, even when it was a school holiday, was awful. And I hated school and stuff too, so I faked sick probably 80% of that school year. My parents I guess saw through it though, because I only missed a few days in total. It was that year that I honestly wanted to be home-schooled because I hated school so much. Students who were bullies, teachers who were also bullies, early morning violin lessons....I think from that year alone I have earned a lifetime of not having to wake up early. Though that may be the case, I'm certain that employers won't recognize that and I'll have to drag myself to work at whatever time they choose.
Just understand that if and when I'm hateful and ornery in the mornings, it's not you, it's me, I promise.

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