Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept. 3rd, Tron: Uprising

I'll admit up front that I LOVE sci-fi movies. I'll see a movie solely because it's in the genre.
That said, sci-fi on TV usually isn't my thing, usually because it [often] looks cheap.
Now that you know those things, you can imagine my giddiness when Tron: Legacy came to theaters. I saw that movie I think 3 times, and even in 3D, which I'm not that crazy for.
Blah, blah, blah, I'm getting sappy.
Anyway, I bought the DVD/Blu-Ray when it released, and on it there was a pretty cool promo for a new show that was "coming  soon" called "Tron: Uprising," and even though it would be a TV show, it looked so cool. Here's the teaser that was released a LONG time before the show actually aired:
The animation was even slicker in the actual show (with some facial improvements), but when I first saw that teaser trailer I was so excited for the show. Eye candy is a big selling point for me!

Fast forward a year, and the show is finally being released. I was in Korea at the time, so I watched the show on the internet and was completely wowed and won over by it. It really is stunning. I watched it whenever I could find the new episode until about the 7th or 8th, but then there was a mid-season hiatus and I didn't watch it for another year.

The show only went for 19 episodes, which was cool that they were able to plan the pacing and arcs and such, but also sad that there would only be that many episodes.
Tron: Uprising apparently didn't do as well as they'd hoped (but Disney DID put it on super late on a school night on their paid channel DisneyXD, so I can only point at them) and the show wasn't (or hasn't yet been) picked up for more episodes. Sad, I know!
Amazon instant video and Netflix both have the entire show listed, so I finally caught up and finished all the episodes recently, and holy cow, that show was amazing! The animation and action was flawless, the music was perfect....I'm so sad there will be no more Tron: Uprising. There are petitions and stuff around the internet to bring it back, but I don't think a petition has ever brought a "kids show" back.

So, if you love a good show that has good conflict and themes of friendship and serious sacrifice, give Tron: Uprising a chance - you might just fall in love with it!

Here's an official music video featuring scenes from the last couple of episodes, all set to a pretty cool tune. Maybe this will win you over:
And finally (they should be paying me for all this promotion), the entire first episode is available on YouTube for free from Disney. Since there are already two videos here, I'll just provide the link and you can watch it there. I *really* hope you like it!
Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjbwVzJR8w4

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