Monday, September 2, 2013

Sept. 2nd, Labor Day!

Okay, so I planned ahead with the post for yesterday since I knew I'd be out of town/away from internet on Sunday, so I used the schedule thing on Blogger to post my post for me, but I found out today that it didn't work! I still count it as on-time, because I was done with it a full day ahead of schedule. Moving along....

Today is Labor Day, here in the USA, and since I work for the city, I get the day off! Because of this, I spent the weekend at my happy little cabin on the mountain where I was blissfully lazy and enjoyed myself immensely. My parents were already there, and the beautiful rain storms kept us mostly indoors, so we watched movies (including a ton of MacGyver episodes - a cabin staple) and I played Nintendo and read and caught up on some TV shows I had saved on my iPod. What a perfect weekend!

Anyone who's ever read anything on this blog knows that I'm a life-long Nintendo fan, especially the Zelda franchise. Even though I really love Zelda 64, I never could get into the sequel, Majora's Mask. I think there are 2 distinct reasons. The first reason is that the "prologue" takes a player, like, at least an hour to figure out (all the while paranoid they're gonna run out of time and everyone in the game will literally die) and must be played in one sitting because - reason number two - saving in the game is a bee-otch. I'd started Majora's Mask probably three times on the 64 and after the prologue and figuring out the time travel and wanting to save but not quit yet etc. etc... I was burned out before I ever even got to the first level (or temple/dungeon).
ANYWAY, at my cabin, I decided to play the emulated version of Majora's Mask on my computer, and I actually really enjoyed it! I got all the way through the first level and killed the boss, and invested a few real-world hours into the game. Then. It. Crashed. I tried to save with the program's save states, but no luck. I had to close the program and open it back up to see the damage. The damage was this: nothing was saved. Literally, it was as if the last few hours hadn't happened. I remained calm since my parents would have made fun of me for caring about a video game that much, but I felt like this:
This is a way freaky mask seller in the game when he's upset.
So, instead of ever trying the emulator to play the game again, I dug out the old N64 and the shiny gold cartridge and the best controller we have left (it's grimy and has a masking/duct tape combo holding the cord together, and the joystick is limp and sad) and brought it to my apartment to finally play the way it was meant to be played. Wish me luck! The moon is gonna kill everyone in 3 days if I don't succeed.

Coming up soon, TV show reviews and opinions, what I'm reading, and how I feel about poetry. See you tomorrow!

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