Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sept. 29th, Penultimate Post (for September)

I don't know if anyone has been following my posts (I don't think there have been any, actually) but I've been blogging everyday this month just for shiz and gigs. I had no motive or goal, I just decided to do it. I did it before, and that time I was living abroad and having adventures all the time. This month, though, I have stayed at home in my hometown and worked almost everyday and I don't think I even left my town. If I did it must not have been too eventful since I can't remember it....
So, because I've had no purpose with this blog-everyday thing, I think it's obvious that my content has been suffering in quality and stuff. Even I don't think that what I'm writing is very interesting. I think that if this were an anonymous blog that none of my friends or family knew about, then I could probably make it more interesting and use personal stories about crazy people that wouldn't get me in trouble (since I work for the city and all).
So, as you know if you read this blog in the last week, I broke down and bought a 3DS moments after posting about how I would not buy one. Anyway, it's super fun! I have Animal Crossing and it's a delight. I need my friends who convinced me to get a 3DS to get the game now so THEY can be cool. And so that I can visit other towns.
I'm writing about wanting to visiting other places in a video game for fun. What have I become...

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