Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sept. 18th, A Couple Things

Yesterday when I was writing my post, I had an idea for hat I could write about today. I forgot what that was though. At work this afternoon, I had another idea, but I for got that too. So, today's post will have no theme and we'll see were this takes us.

I had piano lessons today. The lessons are good, but I had to tell my teacher today that I won't be taking lessons after October. It was hard and I felt bad. I've known that I wouldn't continue lessons for about a month now, and today I finally thought it was the right time to tell my teacher. I'm going to miss lessons a bunch, especially because my teacher lets me choose the pieces, no matter how weird they are or what video game they're from. If I can do lessons again in the future, I know I'll go back to the same teacher.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I'm going to get my hair chopped off. It's not that it's getting too long or shaggy, but it's getting tiresome to do. Also, I have to meet with someone on Friday, so I want to look my best.
The thing about my hair is that it's thick, but straight as uncooked spaghetti, and it sticks up in the back. If y hair is a little long, the weight keeps those cowlicks in check. I worry that with every haircut where I go short, I'll have to deal with the stupid cowlicks constantly. I should try to find some pictures of hairstyles that might work and let the stylist tell me which would be best.
One time, when I was probably in first grade, I went to get my hair cut and I told the girl-who-would-cut-my-hair that I wanted it cut like Mikey's hair from Goonies. The poor fool had never seen that movie and didn't know who I was talking about. I left that appointment sad and not with Mikey hair at all.
What I'm hoping for is something that I can have be a mess and still look okay. Does such a thing exist? I guess I'll find out.
See you tomorrow!

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