Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sept. 24th, The Willpower of a Snowflake

Confession time.
About 11 minutes after I published yesterday's post, I found myself on eBay and within the hour bought a 3DS XL. What the shoe is wrong with me?! All I can say is, I am excited to get it and have the fun I want to have.
I actually got a pretty good deal on the thing, and it came with 2 games, so I hope that I don't get buyer's remorse. I have a friend (hi Marty!) that said he'll let me borrow some games too, so I think I'll have plenty of fun. Plenty, I say!

Besides that, I have to go get fingerprinted and background checked tomorrow. I'm not  worried in the slightest. I just think it's dumb that it costs so much. Oh well, I guess they say "you gotta spend money to make money" for some reason, right?

I think I should color my hair blond. For Halloween. And because I'm wishy-washy about everything, why not my hair color? It might be fun. And it would look better for my Finn the Human get-up for Halloween. I just think that I'd hate it right away since my hair would grow out and look gross. Ok, I've decided it's not worth doing.

See you tomorrow!

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