Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sept 21st, Random Things

Last night my BFF came back to town! It was for a sad reason though, since her cat was super sick and dying. Her cat was really old, like 300 in cat years, and the old age caught up :( It's sad, but the cat lived a good life. Today the vet had to put the cat down to end it's awful suffering. The cat is in heaven now and can probably eat and be lazy all the time.
That's the only downside to having pets. I mean, cleaning up after them and house training is a huge pain, but you get to love them and their personalities and such. The downside is that they don't live very long compared to people, and so it's likely that you'll outlive your pet and have to watch them age and become more and more sickly. Not fun.

I don't mean for this to become another post about death, so, moving on!

I just learned about this cool gizmo called ChromeCast, which is a google streaming device that you plug into your TV's HDMI port and you can watch stuff by streaming it from your iPod or computer or whatever. It seems pretty cool, and for $35 I'd say it's totally worth it. I'll wait a bit though, since I'm trying to cut back on frivolous spending, and I really don't need it (thought I really want it!)...

I heard this really great piano solo of a piece I love from the movie called The Village, and the song is called "The Gravel Road" and it's so pretty that I'm putting here for you to listen to.
I printed off the sheets for it, so maybe someday I'll be able to play it!

I had a job interview yesterday that I think I did very well in. I totally looked the part too - they'd be crazy not to hire me! I'm pretty sure I've got it, since I asked when I'd find out, and the interviewer said that the only thing left is for my background check to clear.... Let me say, that won't be a problem! Anyway, I'll update with more info as it comes.

See ye on the morrow!

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