Monday, September 16, 2013

Sept. 16th, Tee Shirts!

I think that if I had whatever-it-is that could put designs on tee shirts and stuff I would only wear my own designs. Well, maybe that's cheating, because I'd design them with things that already exist. I might even get in trouble for copyright stuff. I don't know.
Anyway, here are some designs I would put on tee shirts. Enjoy!
Because obviously this would be awesome.

I love LotR, and I would love a shirt with this symbol

I hate when people call me hun, honey, sweetheart..... I actually want to call people out on it and ask "Do you even know me?" when they say it. At work it is the worst!

This would have the words "I may vomit" next to his face. I'm serious.

I also love Zelda, and this symbol on a brown shirt would be super cool.
I could think of more, but I don't have them as pictures, and I don't want to make them in MS Paint right now (or ever).
Someday I'll have everything my heart desires and I'll make these tee shirts. You just wait!

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