Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sept. 22nd, Adventure Time!

I seem to miss the fandom train as it comes through town until a few years later. Firefly, Buffy, Lost...."Parks and Rec" is probably I've been with since the beginning. 
There's a different show that I've recently been quite into called "Adventure Time" and it's so cool. I know that it's popular and I'm not unique for liking it, but that show's short episodes are so cool and always put a smile on my stony face. It's also still running, so I can watch new episodes! 
It's a cartoon about a boy named Finn (who is the last human in existence) and his dog pall Jake, who can morph into any shape due to rolling in some peculiar mud when he was a puppy. They go on adventures throughout the Land of Ooo and do noble deeds and stuff.
Jake the Dog and Finn the Human - Their fun will never end!

What I like most about this show is that it's usually pretty random and bumps the crazy up to an 11. It's a nontraditional show in that the animation and characters are bizarre and the plots are even weirder. Underneath all that, there is a sort of hush-hush history revealed a tiny bit at a time - there was some sort of terrible apocalyptic war that destroyed all humans (except Finn - as an infant?) called the Great Mushroom War. There's also a huge evil demon called The Lich that is pretty freaky and could cause nightmares if you let it.
But none of that matters usually, and the episodes are bonkers and happy and sooooo funny! One of my favorite moments in the show is when Finn takes off his hat and we see what's underneath. Behold!
The other characters include Princess Bubblegum of the Candy Kingdom, Lumpy Space Princess, an Ice King (not to be confused with "a Nice King"), Lady Rainicorn - she's dating Jake, Tree Trunks the mini elephant, Gunter the evil penguin, the Earl of Lemongrab, and many many more.
If you're ever in need of a 12 minute pick-me-up, look no further than your watch (and your TV), because it's:

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