Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept. 30th, I Did It!

Well, this is it, the last post in my 30 day pointless challenge.
What have I learned? Nothing, except that I can commit to do something for a full month if it's not too hard.

I just checked back on my posts from London to see if I told the following story or not, and it turns out I didn't, so here's a little story from when I went to Phantom of the Opera:

I paid the cheapest amount possible for seats in the nose-bleeds(which were still expensive), but I was happy enough. The theater was a full house and the Asian girl who sat next to me was the worst. She was playing on her phone and recording the show, and actually screamed when she was startled. She also unwrapped her candy or whatever during the play - was she even trying to be quiet? Unwrapping candy is like ripping apart Velcro - there's no quite way to do it, no matter how slow you go. SUPER annoying! An usher finally made her put her phone away, but that didn't stop her from talking to her friend on the other side of her. Ugh, I was so annoyed.
Then, at intermission, when the lights came back up, she asks me as well as she could, "Is the show over?"
I told her yes and she left and I enjoyed the peace and extra elbow room for the rest of the play.
Just kidding, I wish. I was honest and told her that there was more. It was a half second battle of epic proportions in my mind: be kind and deal with her annoying and terrible manners, or lie and enjoy the show....
She must have been better behaved for the second half, because I don't remember an incident after intermission, but holy cow she should have known better. I mean, we had equally bad seats, but we still paid lots for them....
That reminds me of a movie I went to about a month ago: World War Z. I went to the cheap theater to see it because I guess I had nothing better to do, and I arrived early enough to get a decent seat. Well, in comes an adult couple with their toddler. WTH? They actually brought a 3 (maybe 4) year old to a 9 pm showing of a zombie movie?
Anyway, they sat directly behind me and my friend, and when the kid spilled all their candy we just lifted up our feet and listened to it roll to the front of the theater. It got even better when the kid was not happy, so the mom says maybe they should leave. Uh, are you sure, lady? So the dad says that they'd give the movie another 10 minutes to see if it got "better" (I guess he meant "less scary FOR A CHILD?!?) and that he'd heard that it was a really good movie and wanted to stay. They gave the movie more time to calm down and be less scary, but it didn't because it's a blinkin' ZOMBIE MOVIE.
Yes, little one, I hate your parents too.
The mom left with the kid, I guess, and the dad stayed behind. After the movie ended (like an hour and a half later) the mom and kid were in the lobby waiting for the dad. I don't know if they waited the WHOLE movie in the lobby, but I didn't feel sympathy because I'm a jerk.
Here are my thoughts on this experience. People go to the cheap theater - which shows movies after they've already been out for a few months - because they like the "theater experience." They could literally watch the movie a few weeks later in their own home with refreshments that don't cost more than the movie's budget. That's why I go, because I like the huge screen and good sound and [generally] the "do not disturb" aspect of movie theaters.
And that's why I felt no sympathy for this couples' ruined movie date. If the same thing had happened in Monsters University I would not have cared at all, but if you bring a child into an adult movie after bedtime and cause a scene, I hope you trip on the crappy carpet on the way out and that the kid pukes in the car on the way home from eating too much popcorn.
Seriously, I don't care if the cinema charges 13 dollars or 3 for admission, DON'T bring your kids to movies for grown ups.
Rant over.

Even though I have finished this monthly blog-daily thing, I'll write again soon, I'm sure, what with new job experiences coming soon (I hope)......
Anyway, until then....

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