Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sept. 15th, Kaiju!

Yesterday I went to a matinee at the cheap theater in my town (that seems to be happening about every week these days) to see Pacific Rim. I was not expecting a deep and emotional story, I wanted to see Mechas fighting Monsters, and boy did it deliver!
Not only was the action fun and entertaining, there was so much color! AND GLaDOS was in it! Well, Ellen McLain did the voice of the announcement system. Every time she spoke I uttered a little giggle that my friend whom I was with would never understand. We did share quite the snorty laugh at the very end of the movie when rescue copters fly right passed the people they are supposed to rescue (it was all for visual impressiveness, I'm sure) - we called out "come back" all raspy and weakly just like Rose in Titanic. Maybe it's not that funny to other people, but gosh dang it was funny to us!

Well, a new week is upon us. I don't have any concrete plans. I hope to go to my happy cabin in the mountains this week, but that will depend on my work schedule and stuff. I hope that tomorrow, being a Monday, work is not too crazy. Last Monday was literally one of the worst days at the library. I even got to call the police! Let's just say that drunk people who harass others suck, and especially if they crap on the floor (yep, that happened).

Be nice to your librarians and your librarians will be nice to you!

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