Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept. 25th, Blogging from my iPod

Today I was fingerprinted. I wasn't arrested or anything, it was just part of the background check. It was pretty cool though, because they don't use ink any more I guess. Instead they sprayed my fingers with water and I stuck them on a glass thing. The computer next to the glass thing showed my prints on a large screen in real time and could tell if my prints were clear enough. The whole thing took like 5 minutes though, because my minutiae weren't showing up or something exciting like that. 
It's one more step to getting another job! 
After that, I went to piano lessons. I practiced a lot this week, and felt pretty good going into my lesson. Of course I did badly though. I have just less than a month to perfect my piece. I'm a touch nervous.
I also made a really cool poster for Dracula, for the book club. It better get lots of attention because I worked a lot on it. I'll post a picture tomorrow. 
As the title says, I'm blogging from my iPod. If there are embarrassing autocorrects, I'm leaving them as the are as a testament to he technology. 
See you tomorrow!

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