Friday, May 3, 2013

Small Adventure

Last week I saw the worlds most famous singer live! That singer/actress/dancer/model/magician was none other than the fantastic Miranda Sings!!!
"Hey guys, it's me, Miranda"
The show was in Salt Lake City, so my friend and I drove up and met another friend there. The show was so  so so funny, and the comedy club we saw it in was packed! I don't remember seeing any empty seats in the place. Miranda sang, danced, taught people how to sing, read her hate mail, etc.... I would love to see her again.
After the show ended, Miranda treated her MirFANdas to a meet and greet, and we got our picture with her - and she liked my shirt! I hope she continues to put smiles on faces and never stops singing her precious heart out.
Afterwards, we drove to my aunties house just outside of SLC to stay the night, and we watched Les Miserables (the musical) before calling it a night.
Since their house is on the market, we had to clear out early the next morning so the house could be shown, and while the early morning sun could potentially turn me to stone or whatever, I woke up early and got ready for the day, and my two friends and I went out into the big city for day two of our small adventure.
We went to the City Creek shopping place in SLC but a couple stores were not open because we were there at like 9am. We still had fun. After that, we went to the LDS Conference Center for a tour. I hadn't been there since it was being built in 2000 or so, so it was fun to see the place again. The weather was really perfect, so we were able to enjoy the rooftop gardens as well.
That organ has lots of pipes!

Terrace overlooking Temple Square.
We ate our lunch at a place called Charlie Chows, and it was SO GOOD! we got STUFFED for like $8 and I would totally go back if I'm in the area.
After lunch, we decided to call it a day and we parted ways. The drive home was pretty good and my friend and I had good conversation and I heard new music ("Imagine Dragons" and "Killers"). It was a fun day-and-a-half adventure. I should get out more and do fun stuff! I think I'll start by going to London in a few days. Stay tuned for that and lots of pictures!

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