Wednesday, May 8, 2013

London - Day One!

What a LONG day! Flying all day makes me to tired, and flying into the sunrise means that nighttime lasts only a few hours. I hardly sleep on flights anyway, so as of now (besides from a short half hour nap on the plane), I've been up for about 30 hours. I can feel my eyes trying to sleep, and I can hardly type.
That aside, I had a nice first day in London. I got minutes on my phone, my Oyster [tube] card, and even got some pictures in. Since I'm falling asleep at the keyboard, I'll post these pictures and call it a night.
This is part of the view out of my room. I'm on the fourth/top floor of an old building with many stairs and no elevator. I love it! 

Atop Primrose Hill, which looks over some of the most famous buildings in London. It was windy and a tad rainy too. Like I would have expected any different?

This old house was at the bottom of the hill, and I basically want one of my own.
So, the day was spent getting things done, and then trying to stay awake until an acceptable bedtime, which is 9:30 tonight. I'll take way more pictures tomorrow (hopefully) and write about my day, so check back!

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