Sunday, May 12, 2013

London - Day 5

My stay in London is already halfway finished, and that makes me a little sad. I've been able to see and do some fun things though, and still have a couple more days of adventure ahead, so I can't be too sad just yet.
Today was a very nice day. It's Sunday, so the rush of travelers was less intense that usual, and this morning the weather was beautiful.
I made plans to travel to St Albans, and I set out at 8 this morning to make sure I'd be able to get my train ticket and be there on time, and everything worked out perfectly.
My train arrived at St Albans about 9:40, and I walked right on over to the church where I was going to meet my friends, the Hawkshaws. I was there before they were, but basically everyone that was there was very friendly and welcoming, which made the short time before church very nice and enjoyable.
The Hawkshaws arrived and we had a quick catch-up before heading into services. I made lots of new friends at church that I'll probably not see again, but I was left with nothing but good memories of all of them.
After church I went to Hawkshaw Hall with my friends to have lunch and visit. Their house was very beautiful and was 100 years old last year. It's in Radlett and every house and everywhere you look is a frame-able picture I'd love to have on my wall.
I did NOT take this photo (well, I took it off the internet).
The beautiful view of the backyard. There was so much more color in real life.
Alan Hawkshaw is a musician, and during our visit after lunch he played some very nice songs on the piano for us. He's very good at jazz improvisation and chromatic harmonization with really strong melodies. I could listen to it all day. Even beside the music, The visiting was very nice, as was the food that Chris made. My plate was all but licked clean!
All too soon, it was time for me to catch my train back to London, but not before snapping some pictures with my favorite English people in the whole world! I'm so grateful for their kindness, from the time I met them in Florida several years back and onward. I hope to be as fun and kind as they are throughout my life, because they set a great example and I love them for it.
Chris, Me, and Alan - they're the best!
The train back was a little slower due to other delays ahead on the tracks (from what I gathered), so by the time I was back in London I was a little too late to go to the Globe to see The Tempest, but I wish I could have been there because my group that went MET GANDALF! I'm a little jealous, but had I also met Ian McKellen I would have just stuttered and looked a fool of a Took.
I got back to Regents, had a bite to eat for dinner while trying to figure out my night, but I felt really tired (all this adventure really wears me out!), so I skyped home, then started to write in my blog.
I must have been more tired than I thought, because I feel asleep with the light on. When I woke up at midnight a few hours later, I was confused because I felt like I had slept through the night. I rolled over and saw that it was dark outside, so had to get my bearings on what time it was and what the heck was going on. I recovered and then finished this post.
It was a great Sunday and I'm so glad that I got to meet up with some of my favorite people and see their home and neighborhood. I'll miss them, but I'm sure that someday we'll see each other again - It is a small world after all!

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