Tuesday, May 14, 2013

London - Day 6

Today was a pretty good day. I had to make the tough choice this morning of going on a Westminster Abbey tour (which I've done before) and going to the British Library (which I've also done before), but I ultimately chose the free option and went to library. They have an amazing gallery of rare and very important documents, and I got distracted in it all and was a full 10 minutes late meeting back up with my group. I saw the Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible, The oldest known copy of Beowulf, Handel's Messiah, and tons of other stuff. It was all very interesting. There was also a mini-exhibit called "A-Z: Murder at the Library" and it had literary examples of a different author/genre/tropes of detective and crime fiction for every letter in the alphabet. And if you were wondering, the letter X was for Xenophobia.
This is a fun bench at the British Library. Sometimes, this is what a good book feels like.

Outside at the library. Not sure if blinking, or just weird eyes in every selfie.
After the library, we walked on over to the Wellcome Collection, but found out after we were inside that the  gallery was closed. Oops. At least I got to see a map of the continents made out dead mosquitoes.
At least the walk over there provided a view of the amazing roof and towers of St Pancras, which is an inspiration for the future castle I'm going to live in.
Yes, I want this type of roof.

Three other people on the trip. This should be used as an advertisement.
After the Wellcome disappointment, We walked to the British Museum, which is the greatest museum in the world. It has everything you can imagine (except King Tut - I did not see him there). The Egypt sculpture hall is astounding. I want to know the history of the actual museum and how they got such MASSIVE things inside, like huge granite pharaohs and obelisks and stuff. I could spend a week there and maybe see everything if I didn't stop to read all the descriptions.
Outside the British Museum.

Egyptian sculpture of some pharaoh, but I can't remember which - there were so many!

The History of Clocks section was pretty cool. I still don't understand how they work.
After the Museum, we went into a store called Primark, which is clothes and stuff for mega cheap. It's like Old Navy/Uniqlo type styles but for a fraction of the price. The most expensive thing I saw were the shoes, which were 6 - 15 pounds. I bought a shirt for 3 pounds! If that store chain came to America, it would be the One Ring to rule them all!
After shopping, a few of us Potterheads went in search of the new Platform 9 3/4 since the one I found a couple years ago has apparently moved as to be more accessible. We found it thanks to the help of a security guard who pointed the way in King's Cross Station, and when we got there, the platform was open so we got to run through it!
This picture is PROOF that magic is real! PROOF!
After visiting the platform we went to the Harry Potter themed shop next door where I continued to geek out over everything there, I thought my wands were fun, but the wands for sale here are the best movie reproductions I've seen! Also the most expensive!
The wand chooses the wizard! The wizard can't afford the wand!
After King's Cross, I went back to the college for dinner and to get ready for the show-of-the-night, "One Man, Two Guvnors," which many of the other students in my group also had tickets for.
The show was SO funny! I was in stitches! It's no wonder this show has no opened in New York! And I got my ticket for super cheap! It cost less than my dinner the other day!
This was about 20 seconds before the rain arrived...
After the show, as we waited for the group to gather, the heavens opened and we were all soaked by the time we reach the Underground station, only a 2-3 minute walk. Everyone else on the tube was wet as well, so we fit right in.
It was a really fun and full day, and it ended with a very funny play that I'd love to see again sometime. I definitely recommend it!

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