Friday, May 17, 2013

London - Day 9

Today was basically my last day here. I leave for the airport right after breakfast in the morning, so I doubt that there will be anything interesting to write about tomorrow.
Anyway, today was good day for the most part. This morning I took it easy and stayed in to get my stuff together for leaving, and I also took another walk around the park. The birds in their nests were bigger and playing in the water.
After lunch I went back to the V&A Museum because I only saw a small bit while I was there last week. I spent a good 3 hours there this time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I looked at sculpture, architecture, wrought iron, glass, the plaster cast preservation.... That museum is the most amazing place.
Will I miss climbing this beast several times a day? Probably not.

The flowers in Queen Mary's garden are starting to bloom.

An ivy-covered corner of Regent's College.

An Amazing carved ivory fan at the V&A.

A nice sculpture, don't you think?

Proof I was there.
After the museum, I went back to platform 9 3/4 for a sec, but it was really crowded this time, so I didn't stay long. I went to the college for dinner (after a fiasco with my Oyster card), and visited with friends who went to the Harry Potter tour today. I'm glad they went and liked it.
Finally, after dinner, and to cap off all of my London adventures, I went to Her Majesty's Theater to see The Phantom of the Opera! I've wanted to see that show for almost 20 years now, and my wish was finally fulfilled! The show was really fun, and technically amazing. It was great to finally see - on stage - how the show is presented. There's also a fair bit of stuff I've never heard before(like that player piano scene!) and the choreography....It was all so fun!
After getting back home, I packed up, showered, and once again fell asleep while writing this, but here it is! My final day of fun in London was wonderful. My whole trip was wonderful. I love it here, and I hope to someday come back again!

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