Friday, April 5, 2013

Boston - Day 3, and photo dump!

The End is Near....

Today was my last day in Boston, and I had plenty of fun. My mom and I tried to get an earlier start than we did yesterday, but due to full buses and bus delays, we weren't much better off. Nevertheless, we still got around and did some fun things. I went to the Boston Tea Party museum and did the Harbor Cruise, and I went back to the USS Constitution with my dad. After all that, we walked from the harbor all through the city back to our hotel. I learned that I'm NOT wearing the same shoes to London next month!

Fenway Park! If I was a bigger baseball fan, this would be so much cooler! 

Mom and I below deck at the Boston Tea Party reenactment ship.

Mom and I at the helm! Look out for icebergs! And other boats!

There are kids throwing tea overboard! Turns out tea floats just like Styrofoam...

Walking up Atlantic Ave. I'm getting better at self-shots! (I credit my Korean years.)

Mini-Hogwarts in front, Custom House Tower in the back.

Remember that captain's cabin I sorta sneaked into yesterday? Today it was open! 

I got to go down another level today! This is were all the stinky gross sailors slept. I would've wanted a spot closer to the portholes.

Popsicle and the USS Constitution.

I took this picture from the Harbor Cruise. Frame-able photo indeed!

Today was MUCH warmer, but it was still really windy out on the water.

Mom riding a donkey. Yee-haw!

This thing, on the USS Constitution, is what they use to summon the Kraken.

The leader at the Boston Tea Party was funny and disguised with coal dust, a feather, and a tomahawk . He looks just like a Native American to me!

Dad and me in front of some architecturally amazing old church.

Houses on either Commonwealth or the street above it...I forgot.

Pretty ironwork above the gates at another church.

Exterior of the Parrish House at Trinity Church. The deep maroon color didn't show in this picture :(

A tower on Trinity Church. I love gargoyles!

Again, the Sauron-lamps outside the Boston Public Library, which I love.
So, thus ends my third and final day in Boston, Mass. It's been great. I truly think that any student who thinks history is boring should visit this place. I'll never look at the history of my country the same, and I'm just hungry for more! The American Revolution is fascinating and I think that I'll look more into the details of it, to the chagrin of my high-school self, but hopefully to the proud smiles of my history teachers. This city is rich with history and full of talented, smart young people. I saw an orchestra premier a piece by their own classmate, I walked the halls of the Massachusetts State house, I even had clam "chowda!" I burned the fuzz outa my tongue, but it was so good!
My friends who have been here and lived here have all said the same thing: Boston's a place you won't want to leave. Well, they are right. I think there is enough here to keep a person entertained forever!
I've loved my visit here, and I would love to come back someday!
Is there a better plug for a place than that? I think not!
Goodbye Boston! I'll miss you!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I write more about my upcoming adventures!

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