Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Snowman (Recap Part 2)

Usually Stine's book chapters end with a scare that totally doesn't pay off. I wonder how many chapters of his end with "when something grabbed her arm!" to only have the next chapter start with "It was her best friend. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you,' her best friend said."
Anyway, on my last post I wrote that the last part I read of "The Snowman" was the white-haired guy said he killed Heather's uncle. Well this time it wasn't just some dumb joke to get you to read the next chapter. He really did it. Heather is super freaked out even though she hated her uncle and wanted him dead.
So her new boyfriend is def a murderer. She wants to go to the police but Snowman blackmails her and makes her think she'll be in trouble too, looking like she hired him to kill the uncle. It made NO sense, but she doesn't tell the police she even knows Snowman when they directly ask her if she knows him, even AFTER telling her that he killed his father too. Heather, you are crazy.
Anyway, to make the too-long ending short, Snowman knocks Heather out and proceeds to built a snowman around her, encasing her in an icy tomb. Umm, ok...
So she comes to realizing that he's packing snow around her (he's basically done by that point) but she somehow manages to get her hands free from the super-tight ropes (she mentions like 4 times how they are so tight her hands are in pain) and even gets the lighter out of her pocket - oh yeah, she carries her fathers old lighter ALWAYS (it mentioned the fact once at the beginning of the book) - and gets it to light. She melts her way out of the snowman. She used a 13 year-old, never used lighter to MELT A HOLE TO ESCAPE FROM A SNOWMAN. Whatever company made that lighter has bragging rights.
It all ends when the guy called Snowman is still there and tries to strangle Heather, but she lights his coat on fire and right then the police show up and Heather gets to go home (not to the police station, or even to answer any questions) and the police probably take the murderer to juvy. Because they're in high school.
The BEST LINE EVARRR from this book is after Heather is finally safe and free and says that she was in a frozen, icy prison, not just in that snowman, but her whole life because of the hate she had lived with, but now she was free. Thank you Heather. I guess being being encased in a snowman makes one think about tacky parables.
I think I've read this book before, but I read like 2 or 3 of these types of books week for a couple months in middle school, so I couldn't really recall the details. It was an easy read and not a total waste of time. My biggest problem in the book was Heather's logic. She was being "blackmailed" but I think that anyone with even the slightest clue how anything legal works would see that if you are innocent and you know who a killer is that you would and should call the police.
Now what will I read next?

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