Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!
It's the most magical night of the year, and I hope that nobody is reading this tonight. Instead I hope that you are snug in bed or watching your favorite Christmas shows with your loved ones. My family spent a nice day together eating food and watching some Christmas stuff, and I played some holiday music on my dear old pianoforte.
My family has a tradition of watching "The Nativity Story" each year on Christmas Eve, and I must say, I have to try VERY hard to not sob big fat tears at the end of the movie. It's very well done and beautiful. I dry-cry every time.
Another tradition is to have all our bedrooms clean or Santa won't come. So tah-dah! my room is clean! I love the feeling.
This week I learned to crochet something other than a hot-pad for the kitchen! I can now crochet anything! Actually, I have only crocheted a pokeball and a Luma (from Mario Galaxy) and I might say that I am rather proud of my work. I'll have to post pictures sometime.
Ok, so I finished the Monster-Blood Tattoo trilogy, and what a great read! I'm glad I bought the set of books so I can read them again sometime. Finishing that series means that I have finally moved on to a new book: "The Snowman" by R.L. Stine! Oh man, I feel like I'm back in middle school reading this thing. So far, 16 year-old Heather lives with her mean and evil uncle and nervous-wreck aunt feeling miserable and stuff because she has a job as a waitress, but doesn't want or need the job because her dead parents left her a butt-load of money, only her evil uncle won't let her touch it. Heather hates him and thinks that he's using her money for himself!
But then she meets this guy with "snow-white" hair who literally calls himself Snowman, like, that's his name. Of course he's new to town and  the two young-uns fall in love and he is all mysterious and cryptic and I think I may have read this book before and is probably not who he says he is, blah blah blah just like everything Stine ever wrote. I just finished a chapter where Snowman tells Heather that he killed her uncle for her to return a favor. Dun-dun DUUUHHN!
I REALLY think it'd be too funny to write a parody (even a musical) and throw in all the cliches and tropes that fill Stine's books. I fear that only a handful of people would find it as funny as it would be though.
I'll finish the book tonight (happy Christmas Eve!) and post about it later.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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