Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Day!

Christmas arrived!
My day was very good. My family opened presents together and ate a delicious breakfast made by my mom. She's awesome.
I got a desk and bookshelf and my dad helped me set them up. My room looks so much better now! They were exactly what I wanted/needed! I gave my family seasons 3-7 of MacGyver to complete our set. We are MacGyver nuts here. We love the show and laugh through every episode; it's awesome! My brothers and I even have this super stupid dance to the theme song. It involves clapping on the off-beat for basically the whole thing. I think in the 70's we would have made amazing background dancers if we had tambourines.
I feel like it was a pretty low-key Christmas, but that was perfect. We stayed home and enjoyed our own company. It even snowed last night so we had a white Christmas!
I hope Christmas was wonderful for all of you too!

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