Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Ha! What was I thinking? In my last post I mentioned reading Les Miserables and blogging about it, but I must have been in a high-brow mood.
Luckily something amazing happened! I came into a couple dozen books by R.L. Stine and the like! Blessed day!
Now, before I am blasted for my reading interests, I must say that I think that Stine's books, as well at the other "Point Horror" books,  are rather terrible. However, when I was a lad in my early teens, I would cruise through those books like crazy! Two or three a week was probably average.
Over the last year or so I've been reading some hilarious blogs where the authors blog their way through the Fear Street books and stuff, and it's awesome to remember the plots and the "WTF?" endings in basically every book. Thank goodness these bloggers have a sense of humor - I laugh quite often while reading them.
So, now that I have a bunch of these books to go through, I'll do recaps every so often on my precious little blog. I'm not original, I know, since there are other blogs that do that sort of thing exclusively, but If I don't, I'm afraid my blog will just be left to die and rot and be forgotten.
Before I get into those amazing books though, I MUST finish the book I'm on. It's called "Factotum" and it's the last part of the "Monster Blood Tattoo" trilogy (also called "The Foundling's Tale" by USA publishers) by D.M. Cornish. You guys, it's awesome! It's a fantasy, but doesn't have dragons or magic, but it's more an alternate world where there are humans and monsters, but the monsters are less boogie-man and more wild-creatures-that-live-mostly-in-the-wilderness-and-also-like-to-eat-people-if-they-get-the-chance. Of course, as the story goes on, the main character starts to learn that not all monsters are evil, and not all humans who fight and kill monsters are good. That's just part of the plot. They use bio- and chemical technologies instead of electrical power and stuff. They all wear tri-corner hats and wear Victorian(?) styles and use muskets. The ocean is caustic and corrosive vinegar, people can have surgeries done to themselves that allow them to manipulate electricity (like lightning) or mess with people's minds... The whole world is very well thought out and there is huge back story and mythology that is important to the culture, but isn't outright part of the story we read. There is a HUGE index/glossary in each book that has really fun stuff that isn't always in the main story or only mentioned briefly. The only thing I can compare it to is the Lord of the Rings, but more youth-friendly and modern. There are many illustrations by the author too. Check it out!
Enough about books for right now.
Christmas is in a week! I'm excited. I was away from my family last year, so it's nice to be back home for the holidays. There should be a songs about that. I hope my family likes the gifts I bought for them. They might read this, so I won't be posting what I got. They're awesome though!

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