Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Long, Long Flight

I'm finally in South Korea!
The following stuff I typed - on the airplane - while getting to Korea. Probably around the10th hour in the air. I'll do another post later about the English Village itself.

I don't know how flight attendants can keep a smile on after 12 hours on a plane. Maybe it's because they have something to do to keep busy rather than sit in the same spot for literally half the day. I got up to use the restroom simply because I was bored.This is the third flight that I've been on that was longer than 10 hours. I'll get to do it again in a year!There are like 8 other white people on this plane of hundreds.Anyway, after traveling for 24 hours total, I'm looking forward to "getting there". I've watched either three or four movies and at least six episodes of tv shows. At least I have my personal entertainment console in front of me.The weirdest thing about this flight is that it's been light outside the whole way. I left Friday morning and will arrive Saturday evening. It's too hard to think about so I'm just not going to.Being quite tired will allow me to fall asleep quickly tonight and hopefully get into the right sleep cycle. I have my propeller alarm clock to assist in waking up too (thanks you Danessa!).As of right now I'm over the Japanese sea (I don't know if that's actually what it's called) and traveled like 10,000 miles or kilometers. I can't tell for sure because it's in Korean.I had window seats for both flights.Less than an hour till landing!Did you know that you get two free checked bags for international flights? It's true!It's 2:30 am back home right now. My body is needing a flat sleeping area. I'll wait till I have a bed though.I video chatted with mother during the layover in San Francisco and it was fun. I love technology.I filled out my customs card and marked "business" as my reason for coming. I feel so important now. I didn't mark sightseeing, no. I'm here for work!In the cabin of the plane they've kept the lights low the whole time and everyone has had their windows closed. I can't help but to peek out my window every so often, but it lets ultra bright light in, temporarily blinding me and making other people turn to dust. After looking at vast white expanses of clouds and nothing else (except for Japan a while back) I get bored and I close my window again. Then I can't see anything till my eyes adjust. At least flying to SF offered variety in landscape. Actually, somewhere over Nevada/California I saw George Washington's face on top of a mountain due to shadows and shrubbery. I wondered if anyone else in the history of forever ever saw that spot and thought the same.My dinner (the most recent meal?) came with a hershey bar, but I put it in my bag for later. I don't want to puke. I think it's weird/funny/dumb that they give you drinks - including water - all day long, but with the meals they give you a four ounce cup of water with a foil sealed lid. What is the purpose?30 minutes left! I remember thinking on the way back from London that I never wanted to endure such a long flight ever again. Why don't we have teleportation yet?My eyes are suddenly reeeaaly trying to tell my body that it needs sleep. It seems that every time I did fall asleepI would be immediately woken by someone offering me a drink or nuts.The pilot just announced that there is a rain storm in Seoul now. Good thing I brought rain boots! I will be all the rage. 
I look out the window and I SEE KOREA!!!!!
Those were my thoughts, as typed on my iPod. This next sentence is my thought later that night.
And now I'm on top of my bed trying to let the humidity evaporate off me.

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  1. Congrats on the long flight! Good luck with the jet-lag. :D