Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2 of Teaching English

Today is Tuesday and my second day at work.
During the summer there are special programs, but the one I've been put in for this month is just the regular One Week Program.
Students come to EV for a week and (supposedly) have fun learning different things and playing games while only speaking English. To start out their stay, they begin at "Immigration" near the front gate, where they are given their passports to fill with stickers.
As you may have heard on the news, there is/was a typhoon here during the last week, and yesterday it rained constantly. I had rain boots, so I was totally fine.
I went to a few classes just to observe, but before long I was pulled out by some of the bosses to do some paperwork.
After that, I spent a few hours in the hospital. But don't worry, it wasn't because I slipped on some wet stairs and crashed to the bottom where I landed in a heap with a cracked scapula and vertebrae in front of 30 little kids - that was a different teacher. I had to go to the hospital to get my medical exam. I didn't realize they'd take blood, so I kinda got nervous about that. I think they should have told me that after my blood pressure test. Having my blood stolen out of my body was uncomfortable, but I lived.
Perhaps the more uncomfortable thing was peeing in a cup, then having to walk a long walk down the hallway pretending it was no big deal that I was holding a clear plastic cup full of urine to give to the nurse. You might say that I was being ridiculous and that no one cared. Well let me tell you, if I saw someone carrying a cup of pee, regardless of circumstance, I would totally judge them.
Today I went to some of the shops in EV and saw all sorts of fun things. First of all, they sell solar powered bobbleheads. I don't think anyone could look at one and not feel good. It's like the force you to fell happy. Since I have a window in my room I will have to get one. Or 20.
One thing (or two) my room needs is a plant and maybe a rug. Plants in the house bring good feelings as long as the plant is not poisonous or dead. There's not much more reasoning to it. My floor, however, is super short industrial-type carpet, and it acts just like a lint brush. I don't think vacuuming would do anything to clean it. Perhaps a very stiff broom would.
I bought an umbrella today because I didn't have one during the storm. Today is sunny and SO humid! I haven't needed my new umbrella yet, but people here carry theirs all the time, so I will too.
Since I'm just "shadowing" for now, I'm not really doing the actual teaching just yet. I feel like a teacher's aide instead. It's all fine by me for now, but I suspect I'll be swimming in the deep end before much longer.
Stay tuned...


  1. I want your address, so I can send you a letter!

  2. Jackie, Thanks for posting! My address is long and complicated, and I don't actually know it right now. I'll have to post it soon.