Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's Been Nearly a Month!

I have been meaning to write something blog-worthy, if there is such a thing, for a month now, and the closest I came was on July 14th. I had my ticket for the midnight premier of "Harry Potter and the Last Movie" and spent the day contemplating my wicked youth and childhood, and thought how JK Rowling must have done something good by writing her books.
Like probably every other person who had ever read, watched, and liked the HP series, it was a sort of sad occasion, seeing our beloved series come to a close. I planned on letting my childhood officially close when the movie ended, followed immediately by slumping from my chair and onto the floor, where I would roll under the seat and lie there until someone had the gall to drag me out to the parking lot, curb, or dumpster with all the old uneaten popcorn and the old-popcorn-loving mice.
After two weeks of laying on the sticky floor the movie theater, someone finally had the audacity to make me leave.

So now I'm a grown-up and have responsibilities and stuff, but I had a great youth and childhood (which lasted into my 24th year) and even though HP is finished, it's not gone. I really liked the movie - which was made even better by the fun people in the theater - and thought it was a perfect close to the series.

Also in the last month, I continued to do piles of paperwork, this time actually getting my documents to Korea, getting a Visa issuance number back, and sending more stuff (including my passport) off to the Korean Consulate in San Francisco to actually get my Visa.

Guess what?! Today my passport came back to me with the Visa inside - my permission slip to book a flight to Korea!!!
After doing some basic airline price searching and stuff, I bought my ticket to Seoul, Korea. I'm flying away this Friday morning. That means I have about a day and a half to get all my stuff together and my room packed up. I-think-I-can!-I-think-I-can!

Last night my dear friend Rachel and I visited and hung pictures on the walls using a screwdriver as a hammer and an actual level to make them, uh, level. Then we watched a bunch of Modern Family episodes while watercolor painting. It was my first time using actual real watercolors (meaning they didn't come from Crayola) and I had fun. I painted on a big piece of cardboard - like 11" by 36" or something - and lo! it turned out pretty! Here is a picture:
If  I were not moving right away, I might try painting again. Oh well, I have the rest of my life to get around to it.

In other Harry Potter news, JK Rowling announced a new site called, which officially opens in October. It was announced, however, that there would be some lucky people granted with early access, but that there would be some clue-answering and swiftness involved in earning the chance.
Needless to say, I really wanted to be a part of it, so I stayed up late waiting for the clue to be given, and when it was, I raced through the process and registered. Later I got an email with happy news!
So I may have to wait a few weeks, who cares? I'm still pretty excited. I feel like a sweepstakes winner, or like that one time when I won a signed, unreleased-in-the-States, single from Enya. Literally, that did happen. Here's proof:
She wrote "GrĂ¡ o Enya," which is Gaelic for "Love from Enya." Aw, she loves me!
I used to be a huge fan of her and her music. I still am, but not as crazy as I used to be.

Anyway, I should get started with packing, putting it off will be more consequential than my usual procrastination. There are no sparknotes when it comes to being prepared for international travel. College was so easy compared the this!

My next blog post will be from South Korea! Wish me luck!


  1. good luck on your flight im going to really really miss you!

  2. Thanks Jackie! Keep in touch!

  3. Hey - Thanks for the music sheets! Have fun in Korea! Stay in Touch.