Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living on a Movie Set

Oh no! Monotony!
Well, maybe "monotony" is not the right word, but for the first time since I've been here I don't really have anything new or exciting to post about. I guess [almost] three weeks is a good amount of time to be used to my surroundings.
I went shopping last weekend and snapped a few uninteresting photos - here are two of them:
This is a funny street because of all the signs.
 These are my two reusable shopping bags (they charge for plastic ones), and my trusty umbrella, which I never leave the house without. They are on my lap and I am on the bus. 

Still, I've not really ventured out looking for adventure, but I bet that I'll finally get to Seoul before long, and I will definitely post about that. I have heard for quite a long time how Seoul is really on the so-called "cutting edge" as far as technology goes, so I've set my expectations on something similar to a mix of Rouge City (from the film A.I.) and Coruscant (from Star Wars) - I'm hoping to catch a glimpse of the flying cars if it's a clear day. I'll also look into a jet pack if they're not too expensive.
I'll be finishing up my third week soon. It has gone by fast, and I'm beginning to feel like I've been here much longer. I've got most things in the Village figured out, but the garbage thing takes getting used to: mandatory sorting/recycling and color-coded garbage bags are new to me.
Starting Monday, the special programs end and the regular schedule begins. I've never been in the regular schedule. So much for getting used to stuff.
This is a lovely statue by my apartment. It's hard to see how shifty its eyes are by this picture.

Last night, as I was sitting at my desk - oh yeah! I got a desk! - in my room, I was chatting merrily with Mother and Father as they were getting ready for their day when I saw out of the corner of mine eye a creature most evil scurry passed my foot. Behold! An arachnid with muscled legs and a body like a peanut was invading! Because of the little beast I had to end my call and hunt for it. I thought I had mashed it dead, but upon lifting the rain boot I was using as a bludgeon, there were no guts to be found.
Fear set in.
Later, I saw an unwelcome black shadow in the corner. I grabbed the boot. I attacked. There was sweat and guts and accelerated heart rates (at least in my case - I don't believe that arachnids have hearts. Or souls). After a short scuffle and half a dozen whacks, the monster rolled sadly onto its back and curled into a rough ball, except for the one enormous leg that didn't bend in but instead twitched as it took its time to die.
It was the third incident of an unwelcome guest in my room, as well as the painful death thereof. Let it be a warning to all - even people.
This week also marked the first time I taught a class on my own. I think it was because someone called in sick and my co-teacher had to cover for them. So it was less of "they thought I was ready" and more of "they had no other choice." Regardless, I did just great. If I can help 15 kids make individual kaleidoscopes by myself in one class period without any screaming or fit-throwing I think I did just fine.
It might have helped that I started class by telling them that I was the only teacher and basically begged them to stay calm and listen to the teacher. At the end of the day my throat was sore from all the talking, but I'm better now.

Today there is a film crew and set along the street in the Village, and they've put up temporary sets as well. Awnings and book stands, a fake cafe, flower shops and more - and they'll all be gone by tomorrow. At first we thought EV was just making itself nicer and stuff, but we were sadly mistaken, and knew it, too, when we saw the film crew vans. Should I try to convince the crew to leave their stuff here? I tried taking pictures, but some guy made me stop (though I did get a few, meheheh).
This and the next picture were taken on my iPod from the 2nd floor bridge between two classroom buildings.

This picture is the one I got just before I was told "No pictures!"
 This was after the "No pictures!" but I took this through a window in the teacher prep room, the guy couldn't stop me. The lady in white (under the umbrella) is some super-model and was treated like royalty. She seemed to be such a diva! As soon as "Cut!" was called she covered her eyes and someone rushed to her with the umbrella.
 There is a hole in the window screen in the prep room, so I stuck my camera out and got this picture. In this one especially (and less so in the one above), you can see that the street is covered in bubbles.

 A coworker of mine said that they were filming an ad for a laundry machine or soap or something, and that was the reason for all the bubbles. Is was sorta fun to watch part of what it takes to make a 30 second commercial.
I hear that this sort of stuff is filmed quite often here in EV - commercials, music videos, movie scenes, etc. and it seems that most employees here are annoyed by the fact. I think it's kinda fun. I live on a movie set!

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  1. Please find an address, I really want to write you a letter, and I am old and can't type very fast. Funny story about the spider.
    Love and Miss you a lot!