Sunday, August 14, 2011


For those of you who don't actually know me, I'm a Mormon. For various reasons I've missed church the last few weeks, but today I was able to go! My friend and I rode the bus for about 20 minutes and then walked like two blocks, and my eyes fell upon the church. Chelsea and Adam had already been there a few times, but as it was my first, I was greeted by many people. They were all so nice to me! There were two Korean missionaries who both knew some English, as well as a lady named Julie, and a guy about my age named Jeff. They were so helpful and nice to me.
Since we got to church a little early, I talked with the missionaries and one of them asked if I had seen Mission: Impossible because he said I looked like Tom Cruise. The other missionary agreed and asked if I get that a lot. I don't. I told them no, but I do get Harry Potter sometimes, and they both thought that was funny.
Church was good, even though I only had about 1/30th of it translated. I found the lesson and read it and the scriptures too, so I still got the lesson.
After church ended, we Americans were invited to stay after for a pot luck/birthday party for a recent convert who turned 70. It was very nice of the ward to welcome us, so we stayed for a bite to eat. It was the first non-cafeteria, actually-made-with-love-and-stuff food I've had here.I tried a little of it all, and I liked most of it. After we had finished, a member gave us a ride back to the Village. It was especially nice because it began to rain really hard.
It's nice to be treated so kindly!
So that was today.
Yesterday I went to Ilsan with my Cedar Friends to see a movie. Here is my ticket:
In case you can't read it (because I sure can't), it was for Harry Potter. The theater was on the tenth floor of the building, but we got there early enough that we had lunch in either basement 1 or 2 at McDonald's. All of the people at the counters have been so patient and helpful. I ordered what I thought to be a hamburger, but the meat was something else that I later found out was pronounced buh-GOH-gee. I don't know what it was, but I liked it a lot. I figure it was McD's so nothing could be any more harmful than their regular food.
After The movie in the quite small theater, we ventured to an actual Costco, also in Ilsan. It was just like Costco back home, except the 7 floors above ground were for parking only, and the 2 floors underground were the actual store. It was the most westernized experience yet. It was so crowded, but it was pretty easy to find my friends because I just had to scan the place for a white person.
After that we rode the bus home and I got so turned around that I didn't even realize we were home when the bus stopped.
And now I'm doing laundry and hanging my stuff up to dry. The rain comes and goes, but the temperature has been nice. And now I'm going to go play the piano.

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