Saturday, May 14, 2011

Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing-Wax, Of Cabbages and Kings

I take pretty good care of my shoes. I still have shoes that I wore in high school - true, they are ratty and old, but they are prefect play-shoes, and they have been all over the world, so they have some sentimental value. Still, as soon as they are unwearable, they are unceremoniously going into the trash.
No matter how good I treat my shoes, the soles wear away, and that makes me sad. Luckily, my work shoes (my nicer ones) don't get the wear and tear that my regular shoes do.

Once upon a time I went to Ireland. I had a frabjous time seeing beautiful sites and chasing leprechauns and looking for puffins at the Cliffs of Moher. My stay was scheduled for 3 days, with a flight back to London on the third day. But woe! The Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallaj√∂kull did erupt again and our flight was cancelled! After much stress and headache and stomach-churning worry, a way back to London materialized. Bus and ferry! The bus on which I travelled was green and left Dublin to some ship yard, then onto the ship in the bowels of the metal beast. As the bus parked, all the passengers went to the main area of the ship, and it was finely decorated, like unto a large dining hall at a fancy hotel. The Ship set sail near 10 pm and would take four hours to cross the sea. Once the ship docked, passengers were loaded back onto the bus and driven to London. I slept most of the 6 hour bus ride, and good thing, too, for the driver was falling asleep as well, and had I known it, I wouldn't have been able to sleep worry-free as I did. In fact, I probably would not have slept at all.

Sealing Wax
Last Christmas I asked Santa for sealing wax and a stamp, and hurray for Christmas, I did receiveth. I gotta say, sealing envelopes is way fun. Why it ever went out of style is beyond me. Melting the wax is fun. Dripping the wax if fun. Stamping the wax is fun. Looking at it is fun. I don't think eating the wax would be fun.

My Korean adventure is coming up soon, and I'm just now beginning to get those menacing butterflies in my stomach. It would be funny to throw up those butterflies and watch them flutter away into the sky. You know how you usually feel much better after throwing up? I think that after throwing up butterflies you would feel extra good. Happy, even.
I've heard some things about Korean food, namely Kimchi. A friend once described Kimchi as "Rotted cabbage in a hot-pepper sauce," and I have to admit, it doesn't sound good. I'm not one to not try something new, but I am a tad nervous to try something that seems so wrong.

America doesn't have a Royal Monarchy. I'm fine with that. But England, on the other hand, does have such rulers. What they do these days, I'm not sure. Nevertheless, I love England! I studied Shakespeare and English Literature there last summer. I think I would like to live and work there in the future, either at the British Library, or one of the many fascinating museums. If anyone knows how to make my dream a reality (sans a TV show), I hope they read this.

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