Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happiest Place on Earth - Part 2

I'm back from Disneyland! Best vacation ever! Everything went without a hitch, and I had a blast with my brother and my friends. I spent 3 days hopping between California adventure and Disneyland and enjoying the small crowds and (mostly) perfect weather. It rained on Tuesday morning until about noon, but it was fine by me because there were no lines to wait in!
My sagely advice to anyone planning a Disney trip is this: Go during the middle of the week when school is in session. Maybe include a weekend day to see the shows.
Seriously, my brother and  I waited about 40 minutes for two different rides on the weekend day that we were there, and everything else - for the whole trip - was less than 20. After Fantasmic, Disneyland was deserted! I took a picture of my brother about a half hour after the show and there is no one in sight! We literally walked up to the Pirates boat, the Mansion's Doom Buggy, and Indy's Jeeps. It was awesome!
The following days our little group had more people in it so we didn't get around as quickly, but we still had a blast.
We saw the new-ish water show, World of Color, and it was really amazing. How they get lit-up water to shoot in a straight jet 200 feet in the air is beyond me. There was also a techno dance party called elecTRONica which was pretty cool. I'm afraid I'm one of the fanboys it was created for.
I also went to Toon Town for the first time, and it was actually way more fun than I had thought it would be; we went into Minnie's house, and then to Mickey's. I didn't really know what to expect, but I did NOT expect to see the Mouse himself while I was there! We got our pictures with Mickey at the very end of our Disneyland vacation, and it was a perfect ending.

In other news, I'm back to my Poor Provincial Town, and when I checked the mail today, behold! my background check results had arrived! I'm officially innocent! Now I'm REALLY on track to getting to Korea. Truthfully, I was getting nervous that it was taking too long since I already gave my leave notice at work. Today I was wondering what I would do with no job or money while I waited for paperwork to go through...well now I can quit worrying!
My next few days will consist of pushing papers and getting stuff done so I can be off within the next 3 weeks.

Ah! The future is coming!

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