Saturday, April 4, 2015

Updates and Stuff

For months now I've been thinking that I should write a post, but every time I think, "there's so much to catch up on and I will do it later." That's probably why I haven't written in my real-life paper journal since I lived in Korea. (Okay, actually, I just pulled out my journal for fact-checking and it's worse than I thought: I wrote in the airport on my way TO Korea, and once about 6 months after I got back. I didn't even write in it ONCE while I lived abroad! I'm ashamed. I really need to just copy all my blog posts from that time and stick them in my journal...that would at least be a good start, right?)

Okay, so what's happened so far this year....Here are some highlights:
I turned 28! Not that big of a deal, but it still happened. It's funny, I often thought that "28" sounded so natural, like, it's be easy to say that's how old I was whenever asked, even when it wasn't true. Well, now I'm 28 and I still have to think about how old I am if I'm asked.
My baby brother got married! He and his wife are super young and totally in love and like video games and nerdy stuff, so they are basically made for each other. The wedding and reception were both held in my hometown, so I got to go home for that, and that same weekend my first nephew was blessed. It was a busy weekend for sure, but I really like my family, so it was all good.
My Auntie is in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and she's been able to hook me up with tickets a few time, which I've very much enjoyed. She had some extras for a non-public concert that was part of the American Choral Directors Association (?) conference about 2 months ago, and it was so great! There was a downside though, and it was that my car kept dying! I'm not exaggerating when I say that my car died probably 15 times, and in stop-and-go traffic around temple square. It was a nightmare. The other people in my car were jovial and not too concerned because my car would always start right back up, but I was freaking out inside. I couldn't take my mind off it the whole night, and when we left the concert, I was nervous that it would continue to die at every stop light. After dealing with that problem (which continued to happen afterward), I finally took it to a mechanic to figure it out. The sudden-death problem had been happening for around 7-8 months, but only recently it was happening every day. The car-people had my car for like 6 hours, and everything seemed perfect. They couldn't figure it out. They even called me to ask some more questions. I don't doubt their integrity - they've got a good reputation and we've been customers for a long time now. They really couldn't solve the problem.
With that not-good news, I decided it was time to start car shopping. Bring on the stress!
To make a boring story short, I took a half day off and went car shopping with my best friend, and I finished the day with a red 2014 Altima! I honestly love it. I even traded my old car in, which made the whole situation even better. I got a pretty fair deal on my old car, considering its problems.
Just the other day a friend told me that there was a Legend of Zelda symphony concert coming to Salt Lake in October - I can't believe I didn't know about it sooner. Anyway, I looked it up and decided I really needed to go, for the sake of my own fan-boy-integrity, but I couldn't go alone, that would be kinda sad. My Zelda-loving brother's birthday was fast approaching though, so I thought I'd treat him as well! I'm so nice! I had to make sure he could ensure time-off from work and make a commitment 6 months out before I bought the tickets yet, which gave away the element of surprise, but he didn't know what I had planned, mua-ha-ha! I made a Zelda-styled card for him to let him know what his present was, but I had to email him since I only had about 3 days from the ticket purchase to his actual birthday. The toughest part was waiting the 2 days to send him the email because I was so excited too! Anyway, all is in order, and we're going to the symphony!
Here's the card I made for him (I used -  they are SOOOO cool and free! I love their program!):

What else is new....
Oh! I'm going to Hawaii in a few days! I'm chaperoning the high school band/orchestra that my roommate teaches. I need to go buy sunscreen! I have a little tablet, so hopefully I'll be able to blog when I'm there. I seem to to my most productive blogging when I'm out traveling.
Lastly, I watched/listened to today's sessions of General Conference, and it was pretty good! I liked Elder Oaks' talk quite a lot. I'm not as knowledgeable about the New Testament as I should be, so it's awesome when I hear really amazing talks on the parables of Jesus Christ - it gives me motive to be more diligent in my scripture studies.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and I hope that it's peaceful and enriching. Stay tuned for Hawaii updates!

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